Project IntroEdit


Here's the first project, guys. Let's write the Play Guide. This section can be removed when this is all done, but for now, welcome, and here's what we need:

I've set up the first pages, and we can add more if we feel the need. For reference, feel free to take a look at the Super Mario 63 LD Guide that I am working on in tandem with this. The first task should be going through the walkthroughs on the forums, and bringing the best bits over. For now, just cut and paste a dump of that text here, or on whatever page you think it should go on. Then, once it is all here, we can chop it up, move it around, and generally reformat it to fit the wiki structure.

Overall, the Play Guide should cover basics and advanced play mechanics and then go into a walkthrough for Story Mode. a.k.a. everything you need to play the game. I'll get the major pages framed up, and then you can all fill them in, and then each level will also have their own page - please name the pages with the level name followed by " (SM63) (Level)" - so that we can put lots of information for each, like Secrets, Tips & Tricks, Trivia, Maps, etc. (A lot of the time, we will want to split lists of stuff into bunches of individual pages)

Remember, this is only for playing the main game (and technically, by extension, PLAYING LD levels). Don't worry about the Level Designer, though. All that stuff goes into the LD Guide (which is mostly already written, and I am already working on porting over from my old files).

Also, be sure to read the tips in my first News Post, and check out the Community Area for even more help.

Template ExamplesEdit

Here are some templates that will be useful for this specific area of the wiki:

Warning Careful

If you have something that you need to warn people about, there's a template for a warning call-out box just for the SM63 guides, and this is it. Edit this page to see how it works (or just look at the Template:SM63GuideWarn page).

There are also templates to change the color of text, And color Regular Users without links, or with (like Volcove), and finally staff (again, without links like Runouw or with links like Doram W R L) For more details, see the Template:RunouwUser, Template:RunouwStaff, and Template:RunouwStaffLinks pages.

Don't forget to give credit to whoever wrote each tidbit, too. (and I'm doing this with HTML because then I don't have to worry about nesting Templates, which is a pain. ~Doram W R L

The Play GuideEdit

  1. How to Play
  2. Level Walkthrough
  3. Reference Lists and Secrets
  4. Glossary