Super Mario 63
Basic Information
Original/Fan Art Fan Art
(With Fair Use Splash)
Flash/Java Flash
Released 2009
Last Updated May 18th, 2012
Level Designer Yes
Series No
Number of Players 1
Primary Play Link On
Play Guide On the Wiki
LD Guide On the Wiki


Super Mario 63 is a fan-game inspired by Nintendo's Super Mario 64. Many levels and features are based upon it and other of Nintendo's games, but a variety of them are completely original. Among them include a detailed storyline, ability to play as Mario and Mario only, a highly customizable Level Designer with sharable codes, three different FLUDD Power-ups, four different power-caps, and 64 Shine Sprites & 64 Star Coins to collect.

SM63 is the game that earned Runouw the majority of their early recognition. It is written in Flash, and has been submitted to the major portals, though a recent Cease and Desist from Nintendo has caused it to be removed from them. However, various versions are still available from secondary sources, as well as Runouw's own website. Please note that most, if not all, of the secondary hosts out there never got the May 2012 update (with Thwomps and Flame Throwers), since the C&D came soon after, and it was not uploaded to Newgrounds.

Around January 2015, the C&D abruptly ended and SM63 was back on Newgrounds, without Runouw himself nor any of the active forum members noticing, until Asterocrat randomly stumbled across it and told it, confirming that the Newgrounds version also got the Thwomps/Flamethrowers update.

Where to Find ItEdit



Originally released as a demo on a number of sites, the full version was released in 2009 to SheezyArt and Newgrounds. The game was well received, and the original community quickly outgrew its free site, and was moved to its current location at The game has gone through several upgrades over the years, including several improvements on the Level Database, culminating in the hybrid flash and forum interface used today. There have also been tweaks to the available content in the Level Designer, including the May 2012 Update of Thwomps and Flame Throwers.

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