Runouw staff are always on the watch for rulebreaking activity. Whether it's a flame war on chat, or link to unsafe/illegal material, the staff team is in place to keep the site running as smoothly as possible.


The owner and creator of the site. There is only one Admin in this category.

  • Runouw

Global ModeratorsEdit

Global Moderators (also referred to as "GloMos") focus on maintaining the forums and dealing with large-scale threats. This is the staff group that manages the site code and user promotions, and has power over the Admin Control Panel, among various other duties. They are second in command.

  • Doram
  • ~MP3 Amplifier~

Previous Global Moderators include:

  • Blablob
  • Buff_
  • Demonik
  • MessengerOfDreams
  • Suyo


This staff group keeps the peace, both on-site and off. These are the members who settle user disputes, as well as giving bans and warnings. In the site hierarchy, they are the third most powerful staff group.

  • Raz
  • Venexis

Previous Moderators include:

  • Aznchau4ever
  • fourinone
  • MICrophone
  • nin10mode

Level ModeratorsEdit

Level Mods (also known as "LeMods") are responsible for maintaining the level portals for Runouw's games. Their duties include the removal of spam levels, timely approval of new submitted levels, and various other Level Designer-related tasks. They're also often running the LDC's. Since approvals and disapprovals should happen as quick as possible, this membership requires a certain level of activity, and demotions / replacements usually happen faster than in other groups.

  • l.m
  • MessengerOfDreams
  • Raiyuuni

Previous Level Moderators include:

  • -BY
  • Canine
  • Kimonio
  • Kirby859
  • MICrophone
  • NanTheDark
  • Nwolf
  • StarF
  • Star king
  • Triple J
  • Yoshi Boo 118
  • Yurimaster
  • AwesomeJRFD

Site RepresentativesEdit

Site Reps (SRs), formerly known as User Representatives, have access to the secret Staff forum (F23), they can view moderator logs and are also able to (un)lock and move threads. They are trusted users who have been around for a while; this way, they can voice their opinion (and those of members without access) to help shape the site's future. They also serve as guides to new users, and help with answering questions about decisions made by top staff.

  • ~Zero
  • Karyete

Previous Site Representatives include:

  • *Emelia K. Fletcher
  • AlucardX60
  • brandoprojectm
  • Chaukai
  • Doram
  • MessengerOfDreams
  • Oranjui
  • Raz
  • Supershroom
  • SuYo1141
  • UsuarioTHf
  • Volkove

Buff and nin10mode temporarily held SR positions together with level modship (to view F23 when it was separated from the lemod forums), and Ridder stepped back only two weeks after being promoted.

Former staff groupsEdit

Before the forum cleanup in early 2013, there were also a few more groups that were deemed no longer necessary. Wiki Moderators (brown) were in users in charge of the former Wiki, and Story Moderators took care of the story portal and forums, back when they had noteworthy activity. Honorary Members, retired staff (as listed above) used to have a yellow colour, until they were changed to normal blue and simply kept their special title / custom rank and their "Credit to Team" medal.

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