Welcome to the Runouw WikiEdit

The Community Portal is where this wiki community comes together to organize and discuss projects for the wiki. Specific discussions and help requests can happen here on the Community Portal Talk Page, or in the talk page for whatever page is up for discussion. General talk about the Wiki as a whole goes in the Runouw Wiki Thread on the Forums.

You can find out more general information about the wiki on the main page. Don't forget to add something to your profile, and feel free to add yourself to Users too. Otherwise, good luck, and thanks for the help!!

Current ProjectsEdit

Since the wiki is just starting out, there are large sections that need to be written. We'll organize them into projects and tackle one topic at a time. Here's where you can find out what the current project is.

Write the SM63 Play GuideEdit

Ok, Here's our first major project: We need to write the SM63 Play Guide. The framework is up, and detailed instructions are on the first page there.

New to wikis? Help is here.Edit

If you are lost, this is the place to go, we'll cover what we're doing and how.

What is this thing written in?!?Edit

This is a wiki, and it is written in Wikitext. Wikitext is kinda like BBCode in that it is a reformatting of HTML to allow for more control over the presentation and to increase security. Ultimately, it makes a lot of HTML much easier by using super-simple commands instead, and then running this whole thing through a parser before it is served up to a browser. Generally, Wikitext tags are surrounded by square brackets [ ], and templates are surrounded by curly braces { }. More details below.

There's plenty of help over at Wikia Community Central, and the most useful of these are the pages on the following topics:

Specific to this Wiki:

What am I looking for?Edit

Wherever you see red links, it means that a page needs to be made. They look like this:

Don't create this page. This red link is here as an example.

For an easy to use list of all red links on the wiki, see Special:Wantedpages.

Also, in the middle of some pages, you will find this:

This page needs more information here. Feel free to add what you know.
(And don't forget to remove this template when you're done).

Whenever you see that, feel free to delete the template and add what you know on the subject. Also feel free to stick that template into a page if you see a section that needs more info, but you don't want to write it yourself. The template marker looks like this:


Also, please keep a few standards in mind:

  • Always use singular forms for things. Page names: "Goomba" = Good! "Goombas" = Bad!
  • Do not put articles in front of things. Page names: "Mario Brothers" = Good! "The Mario Bros." = Bad!
  • If you need to use abbreviations, make sure there's a redirect with the full expansion.

We're here to help.Edit

Us admins will look over stuff from time to time and make corrections on anything we see seriously wrong, but otherwise, the talk page will be the place to discuss changes and minor corrections. Every Wiki page has an associated talk page, and that is where you can write whatever you are thinking about doing to the page, and we can all discuss.

Other things to doEdit

Useful activities
Other useful special pages

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