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In early 2009, Runouw created the original freeforums as a platform where fans of his flash creations could meet each other, share tips and secrets, suggest improvements, and keep up to date with the latest news. Midway through the year, popularity was great enough that a new and more permanent forum was needed:

Times have changed a lot since then, and the userbase has doubled several times in the last five years - the Runouw forums have expanded from a handful of people brought in by a Super Mario flash game, to an incredibly diverse and tight-knit online community. From Level Design to Artwork to Fan Fiction, and the deepest Serious Discussion you will likely find anywhere, Runouw users are a diverse and talented bunch.

Our primary goal here at the wiki is to document the many changes that took place since those humble beginnings, both as a reference for older site veterans, and as a introduction guide for less experienced members. Here you can find out about the past and present (and maybe a bit of the future) of our home, from Runouw's amazing games to the surprisingly lively and friendly forums. This is the place to be to learn about site lore, tips and tricks for Runouw's games, forum users, site fads, and special events.

Best of all, you are encouraged to contribute any information you know! Get in there and add your unique knowledge, and help make this place great! Stop by the Community Portal for more info on that.

For a full history of pretty much everything important that ever happened at, see MoD's Timeline of Historical Events, the main attraction on our Forum_Hub.

Major Contributors

Here we give props for people who have put in lots of work on the wiki.

  • Doram - Major structure, coding background and around 60 pages thus far.
  • Supershroom - Major work done in SM63 LDC areas, including research behind many statistics.

A Brief History of the Wiki

You may not know this, but this is actually the third generation of the wiki. The first wiki was started by Suyo, and hosted on Wikispaces. That wiki worked fairly well, until the site decided, for whatever reason, that that our "subscription" had "expired", and then it locked us out, and deleted a bunch of pages. It was a bit outdated anyways, and what the host did was not cool, but we didn't have the time to do anything about it and we let things sit. In the mean time, Blablob made a wiki at this address, but never got a chance to do anything with it (and it was later vandalized with some fake game "Runouw Must Die", to boot).

Much later, Raz W R L made his own version of the wiki at Wikia, but with an account name of runouwcommunity, instead of just runouw. Doram W R L jumped right in and started to take a leading role, but only managed to put a very small amount of work into runouwcommunity before we managed to get a hold of Blab, decided that the simpler address was better, and moved everything over here (starting on October 14, 2014).

And then the real work began...

Latest activity

Project News

  • Doram baramour

    Ok, Here's our first major project: We need to write the SM63 Play Guide. This means going through the walkthroughs on the forums, and bringing them over.

    Nin is starting work over there, and I have put a loose framework in place for the first page. …

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Monthly News

  • Doram baramour

    Ok, another month snuck by without much activity. (It snuck so well, I forgot to do the post until now...) May was fairly quiet, though I did get some more work done on the Level Designer Contest area and sub-pages (I have finished up to the 6th LDC…

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  • Doram baramour

    Wow. April.

    April 26, 2015 by Doram baramour

    Well, hell. Late March into the entirety of April has been a BLUR! I became Glomo, and then went on a whirlwind tour of changing stuff everywhere. Unfortunately, all that lovely progress was on the forums, and the poor Wiki here has gotten largely i…

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  • Doram baramour

    News Update

    March 9, 2015 by Doram baramour

    Ok, for one thing, I am now splitting up news into Monthly News and Project News. Both have separate spots on the front page now. My goal is to have a Monthly News post at least once a month (though more often is cool too, amirite). Project News wil…

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