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From top left, clockwise: The Empty Castle (series named by first level) by Aznchau4ever (6th place, 15/20), The Lost Treasure by MICrophone (3rd place, 16.75/20), Ruined Temple by Worst_master (4th place, 16/20), Treasure in the Atmosphere by MessengerOfDreams (5th place, 15.5/20), Temple of the Penguin God by Volkove (2nd place, 17/20), Explorer Guy and King Goombiard's Ancient Temple by zebtrestalala (4th place, 16/20).
Winner (centre): Blablob's Desert by Blablob. (17.25/20)

LDC DetailsEdit

Final Levels by ScoreEdit

Place Score Level Designer(s)
1st 17.25 Level Blablob
2nd 17 Level Volcove
3rd 16.75 Level Marioiscool254 (MICrophone)
4th 16 Level zebtrestalala
4th 16 Ruined temple Worst_master
5th 15.5 Level MessengerOfYaweh (MessengerOfDreams)
6th 15 Level Aznchau4ever (Chaukai)
7th 14.75 Level Yoshi Boo 118
8th 14.5 Level Avolerators (Avo)
9th 12.5 Level Buffooner (Buff_)
10th 11.5 Level hugemariofan (Firestar)
11th 11.25 Level nin10mode
12th 10.75 Level Cruel Fire99
13th 10.5 Level Nexgen (Newgeneration)
14th 10.25 Level Mushroomario (MushYoshi)
15th 9 Level Gamemaster123
16th 8.75 Level Salmo (RazorTH)
17th 7.5 Level Python0405
18th 5 Level "My Sister" (AniLo!)*
19th 3.25 Level Andrew&Luigi


Level Designer(s) Reason
The Hunt of Treasure 0ayersaaron0 Looks like Extreme lack of effort...
Amusement Park Worst_Master Posted an already completed level (this was replaced by a real entry - Ruined temple)


  • AniLo's level was posted by her brother, MessengerOfDreams. She was too young to have her own account at the time, though she would indeed get one years later. The fact that she was listed in the awards post as "My Sister" is the only proof we have that MessengerOfDreams was the author of the awards post, posing as Wario.


  • This is the first LDC to be hosted by a "Celebrity Guest" a.k.a. Wario - played by Suyo as he he explains in this post (it was an accident while messing around with forum code, that he was too lazy to fix, and then decided to have some fun).
  • This was one of many contests with a math SNAFU. MoD originally submitted the awards post as Wario, and had made a mistake in the calculations, which was later fixed, and then Worst_Master noticed that he had posted 2 levels, one of which was unfinished/disqualified, and Blablob didn't judge his corrected entry, so he had to judge THAT, and redo the calculations AGAIN, and Suyo updated the awards post. Hoo.
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