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Raz has been one of the most active users on Runouw since he joined in 2010. He recently became a moderator, and previously was a Site Representative for almost a year. His main interest is working with animals, but he also has been an active runner his whole life. He comes from Ontario, but he currently lives in New Hampshire.

While no longer active in the level designing scene, he plays with Last Legacy every now and then, and while available for advice, don't expect any comprehensive constructive criticism from him. While originally finding Runouw from Super Mario 63 on Newgrounds, he does not like Super Mario 63 anymore for it's bugginess.

Aside from his hobbies of animals and running, he is a huge gamer. He owns over 150 games on his steam profile, but the games he mainly plays are Garry's Mod and Nosgoth. Some of his favourite games include all of the Batman: Arkham series, Life Is Strange, Ori and the Blind Forest, Assassin's Creed, and The Walking Dead. Aside from gaming, he enjoys a multitude of shows, some of his favourites being The Walking Dead (again), Breaking Bad, Arrow, and The Flash. He also watches plenty of youtubers such as the Mindcrackers and the Buffalo Wizards. And then even more beyond that, he reads a lot of comics, mainly DC Comics and The Walking Dead (again)

If you want to contact him, he is usually accessible just by PM on Runouw, but he is usually online on Steam and Skype.

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