Last Legacy is a magic themed platformer game in which the protagonist has a terraforming ability which allows him to manipulate his environment in real time. Our hero has to jump from dimension to dimension using wormholes to find his way back home again. Each level is packed with puzzles and enemies to overcome. There is also an upgrade-able equipment system so that you may become stronger as you progress from dimension to dimension.

A series of games, Last Legacy is Runouw's first attempt at a completely original property. It has gotten good reviews at the major portals, and Runouw fans are eagerly awaiting the third chapter, now in development. This series will mark another first for Runouw as well, as the third chapter is reportedly going to be Runouw's first foray into standalone Java programming, as they try breaking away from Flash.

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Chapter 1Edit

Last Legacy was started mostly as the result of encouragement from the community brought up on SM63, where the Runouw brothers decided to make something that they COULD earn a living on. It was in development for a long time, with hints for more than a year leading up to the Beta release in January 2011. After much playtesting, and several updates, RC1 was submitted to Newgrounds in August 2013. Despite plenty of positive feedback, the Last legacy LD scene didn't seem to really pick up until the release of Chapter 2.

In Runouw's words (around the time of Chapter 1's release):

Currently in beta, this project was started after we got the idea to make a game where you can modify the environment around you during gameplay. The main character has the ability to either create or remove nearby ground in order to solve puzzles. This game will have a full-featured level designer that can create levels with intricate designs strewn with enemies, traps, gravity-altering puzzles, and even planets. In the storyline, the main character travels through a series of levels that challenge the player's combat, platforming, and puzzle solving abilities.

Chapter 2: Null SpaceEdit

Like any good series, work on Chapter 2 started before Chapter 1 was even finished, and having the majority of the engine already built meant a significant reduction in development time for the sequel.

On April 6, 2014, the wait was over for the newest chapter in the story, and Newgrounds, Kongregate, and celebrated. Refinements to the formula, like the 6 layer system and even more triggers, really gave definition to the next generation of Runouw Level Designers, and provided immense creative freedom. Add a healthy improvement on the graphics, and the prospects for the series became very good indeed.

June 3, 2014 brought an update to the second chapter (now called Release Candidate 2 - RC2), fixing a number of bugs, and adding a few key improvements, including allowing the initial status of the equipment and Delta powers to be set along with other overall level settings. In celebration, the Second L3DC was started, and in the end, while it was not as well attended as the first, the levels were clearly starting to get more adventurous.

On August 13, 2014, the Last Legacy website went public. Much discussion had happened between higher-ups about whether creating a second site was a good move, but Runouw decided that they wanted to give LL the home it needs for future growth, separate from the problems brought about by the borrowed nature of SM63. It also gave Runouw a chance to write a better portal from scratch. By October 23, 2014, part of the true usefulness of the new site was revealed as a Closed Beta for LL:Chapter 3 was announced. Runouwians were encouraged to stop on by, and submit a hardware profile to sign up.

As time wore on, more members were added to the development team, including lulzaraptor, and -BY. A slow trickle of information, including a new thread by BY of graphical updates, revealed some of the work on the game, though it wasn't clear how or where it would be used.

May 10, 2015 brought some answers, as Release Candidate 3 took us all by surprise. Some of the graphical updates were added to this release, as well as adding usefulness to the large triangles (unlocking every level for use in the LD, and unlocking "collectibles" in the form of graphics and trivia on the LL universe). Several fairly significant glitches were quickly found, so another update will most likely be forthcoming. Whether that is held off for RC4, or if there will just be a minor update, remains to be seen.

On Jul 11, 2015, lulzaraptor put an end to any more hopes of further updates to Null Space after RC3:

Updating NS further is not cost-effective. The reason why some songs are not included is because it would on average have negative income if it had all the music. If another RC happens, it will probably be to patch glitches

All further progress for Null Space now rests in the remake that is Last Legacy 1&2 Remix.