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From top left, clockwise: Black Jungle Run by ~MP3 Amplifier~ (2nd place, 16.94/20), Ardam - The Magnificient Forest by DarkBlaze (5th place, 14.44/20), Twilit Forest by KABOOM (4th place, 14.56/20), Aeroforest::Initiation by Killswitch (3rd place, 15.94/20), The Quest for the Jungle Emerald by 1018peter (6th place, 14.19/20).
Winner (centre): Keel's Hatred and the Jungle Sprite by Ayrayen (17.38/20).

LDC DetailsEdit

  • Number: 24th LDC
  • Name: Jungle / Forest
  • Thread link:: here
  • Vault Link: here
  • Awards post: here
  • Run by: Yoshi Boo 118
  • Number of Entrants: 20 (and Kevin did it again)
  • Number of Pages of Posts: 39
  • Contest Started: May 25th, 2013
  • Final Overall Deadline: July 1st, 2013 (37 days)
  • Awards Posted: July 20th, 2013 (19 days from overall deadline)
  • Judges: (all judgings are here)
    1. Yoshi Boo 118
    2. Nwolf
    3. MICrophone
    4. GMDragon11

Final Levels by ScoreEdit

Place Score Level Designer
1st 17.38 Keel's Hatred and the Jungle Sprite (miniseries) Ayrayen
2nd 16.94 Black Jungle Run ~MP3 Amplifier~ R L
3rd 15.94 Aeroforest::Initiation Killswitch
4th 14.56 Twilit Forest KABOOM
5th 14.44 Ardam - The Magnificient Forest Vesoralla (DarkBlaze)
6th 14.19 The Jungle Quest for the Emerald (miniseries) 1018peter
7th 13.88 Frozen Forest JSlayerXero
8th 12.75 Plant Sky Pathway Nwolf
9th 12.63 Floating Forestry Cyvern
10th 12.56 Underground Forest (miniseries) Yurimaster
11th 11.44 Foreverest (miniseries) Dtroid
12th 11.25 Weedy-Bush World Triple J
13th 11.13 Dark Forest ChaosYoshi
14th 9.89 Into The Forest youssef
15th 9.44 Thoughts supermario123
16th 9.31 The Secret Gate to Shadowstream WindMasterArceus
17th 8.75 Tarzan Mario Americankid
18th 8.38 Penguin Forest CrazyMario
19th 8.31 Skill Testing Forest Puroo Kumar Roy
20th 3.19 Enter the Ice Forest Creeper46


  • This LDC's winner is probably the one who earned it most by heart, and with the most emotional story. After being gone from the LDing scene for a very long time and speaking a lot about depression and suicide in Serious Discussion, he came to make one of the most detailed, professionally executed story series of all time, winning with a marvellous 17.38. It was the last 17+ score until the 29th LDC.
  • MP3's Black Jungle Run was the highest-scoring LDC level that was not entered into WITBLO, mostly upon her own request.
  • This was the first time after the 11th LDC that an LDC started more than two months after the previous one ended. For a long time, one LDC kept chasing the other, but from now on, there should be longer gaps between LDCs.
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