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From top left, clockwise: 1st Screenie Freezeflame Galaxy by brandobrawl (debated 1st place, 17/20), 2nd Screenie Freezeflame Galaxy by brandobrawl, 1st Screenie Northern Temple by Volkove (3rd place, 15/20), 2nd Screenie Northern Temple by Volkove.
Winner (centre): 3rd Screenie Freezeflame Galaxy by brandobrawl.

LDC DetailsEdit

  • Number: 1st LDC
  • Name: Hot and Cold
  • Thread Link: None (old forums)
  • Vault Link: None (before we started using vaults)
  • Awards Post: None (top placers list from the Hall of Fame thread)
  • Run by: Superyoshi (Suyo)
  • Number of Entrants: Unknown
  • Final Deadline: Unknown
  • Judges:
    • Unknown

Final Levels by ScoreEdit

Ah, if only we knew. The contest was run on the old forums, and was the only LDC to be done there. The old forums have long since been lost, and the only records remaining of this are from the Hall of Fame thread:

  1. 24murph
  2. Krazy321, Mario Man57, Trogdor
  3. Suyo, SRK, Blaze.128, StarCoin 63, Volkove


What we DO know about the very first LDC is that it was run by Superyoshi (Suyo), around the same time that he became a mod, and was technically unofficial at first (labeled as the "First Unofficial LDC"). The GloMo at the time, Demonik (Niklaw), and Runouw R L approved of it. and endorsed it as an official event on the forums, and a tradition was started.

Then we moved to the new forums, continued on our merry way with the LDCs, and forgot to grab the 1st before it disappeared... (And that's how things disappear into the mists of time, kiddies.) As a result, there is no remaining thread to point to for any more details. Barring some Indiana Jones style hijinks, that's all she wrote.

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