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From top left, clockwise: Freezeflame Fortress by 1018peter (6th place, 16.01/20), Sympathy for the Devil by MessengerOfDreams (2nd place, 16.93/20), Final Fortress by Volkove (4th place, 16.25/20), A Dinch of B by -BY (5th place, 16.19/20), Bowser's Icy Stronghold by Doram (3rd place, 16.26/20).
Winner (centre): Bowser's Forgotten Castle by Nwolf (16.98/20).

LDC DetailsEdit

  • Number: 25th LDC
  • Name: Hot and Cold Episode II / Bowser's Newest Castle / Another Desert Oasis
  • Thread link:: here
  • Vault Link: here
  • Awards post: here
  • Run by: Asterocrat
  • Number of Entrants: 18
  • Number of Pages of Posts: 28
  • Contest Started: August 3rd, 2013
  • Final Overall Deadline: September 12th, 2013 (40 days)
  • Awards Posted: September 25th, 2013 (13 days from overall deadline)
  • Judges: (all judging posts except Volkove's are linked below the results post)
    1. MessengerOfDreams R - judging post
    2. Nwolf - judging post
    3. Yurimaster - judging post
    4. Asterocrat - scores post (no reviews, unfortunately)

This was another jubilee LDC with a very special theme. With the themes of the first three LDC's being offered, this gave a possibility to rewrite history. Participants had to pick at least one theme to make a level for it, but some of them did two or even all of them.

Final Levels by ScoreEdit

Place Score Level Themes Used Designer
1st 16.98 Bowser's Forgotten Castle all of them Nwolf
2nd 16.93 Sympathy for the Devil (miniseries) all of them MessengerOfDreams R
3rd 16.26 Bowser's Icy Stronghold BNC, Hot and Cold Doram W R L
4th 16.25 Final Fortress (miniseries) BNC Volkove
5th 16.19 A Dinch of B BNC -BY (-KT)
6th 16.01 Freezeflame Fortress (miniseries) Hot and Cold 1018peter
7th 15.75 Mario's Escape (unfinished miniseries) BNC ~MP3 Amplifier~ R L
8th 15.51 Caged Oasis Redux Oasis MICrophone
9th 15.01 Bowser's Blazzard Castle BNC, Hot and Cold Triple J
10th 14.03 Temperature Vengeance (miniseries) Oasis, Hot and Cold Karyete
11th 14 Nightmare Devourer Hot and Cold JSlayerXero
11th 14 The Bowser Space Castle BNC endlessjourney012
12th 13.93 Bowser's Space Castle (unfinished miniseries) Hot and Cold Dtroid
13th 13.56 Ice-Fire Temple Hot and Cold Timi
14th 13.25 Desert Skies Oasis KevinOC
15th 12.9 Heat-Wave all of them Sprocket
16th 12.13 Cause and Effect Hot and Cold *Emelia K. Fletcher R
17th 6.88 Slippery Volc Hot and Cold Yoshi NNB


  • Yurimaster had his first time to judge, and in doing so, he did not round to the nearest quarter. This actually produced the smallest margin between places possible, only ONE HUNDRETH between Doram and Volkove! The first-to-second margin was also only 0.05 points, the second smallest in history, and it came from MoD himself who gave a 17.5 to Nwolf instead of an originally intended 17.25. Another ironic reference to the even closer results in the 16th LDC is that Sympathy for the Devil is Destination's sequel.
  • Also Yuri was supposed to be only backup at first, but became full judge after Mega's dropout, and after people waiting for him to finish, right before the results, he made a small dramaspace prank and said "Damnit I need to make a sig to make this drama space after the false sig". Therefore he indeed got a sigbar by MoD which can be still seen in his sig.
  • Sympathy for the Devil is the first entrant with a hidden bonus level that was not put in the Vault, but had to be find by a link in one of the level's signs. This procedure MoD repeated in the 27th LDC, with not much hiding but with even two further levels.
  • Furthermore, the trophies and ribbons were redesigned by Star king, and handed out for the first time in this LDC (and the old medals being changed as well of course).
  • MP3 finished her 7th place entrant into the Mario and Luigi's Great Escape series and it placed 4th in the WITBLO13.
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