Runouw is known for their games, and here is where you will find everything you need to know about them. As students of video game design, they are generating small tech demos and game demos occasionally, and when the time comes, they put their collective might into a full game. We all wait for those days with barely restrained glee, and it is a day of celebration on the forums, let me tell you.

So, without further ado, a full listing of Runouw's creations, with links to all the info you will ever need for them.

Runouw's Main Games

Last Legacy

Last Legacy Important Links
Last Legacy Info: Wiki Page - Original Site Page - New Site
Last Legacy Level Portal: Wiki Page - Original Portal - New Site Portal
Guides: Last Legacy Play Guide - Last Legacy Level Design Guide

Last Legacy is the latest game from Runouw. Focusing on the adventures of a mage who can alter the level around him, this is actually a series of games, with two chapters released thus far. It is hosted on all the major portals, and is the biggest fully original game Runouw has made. As a result, Runouw has decided to create a completely separate site for it, and the attached level portals.

Super Mario 63

Super Mario 63 Important Links
Super Mario 63 Info: Wiki Page - Site Page
Super Mario 63 Level Portal: Wiki Page - Site Portal
Guides: Super Mario 63 Play Guide - Super Mario 63 Level Design Guide

Super Mario 63 is the game that really put Runouw on the map. A flawless original fan-art, SM63 is absolutely worthy of being considered a full fledged Mario game worthy of Miyamoto himself. With great control, tons of levels, and a deep Level Designer, this game has it all and more. Most of the people who found the forums came through the link in this game, and we still get a dribble of new users from it even as a C&D from Nintendo removed it from the major portals. The internet is forever, after all...

GT and the Evil Factory

GT and the Evil Factory Important Links
GT and the Evil Factory Info: Wiki Page - Site Page
Guides: GT and the Evil Factory Play Guide

One of Runouw's unsung heroes is the little gem called GT and the Evil Factory. This action puzzler is chock-full of charm, and handles like a dream. Challenge the evil Lord Foreman and free your robot brethren. Check it out!

Runouw's Other Games

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Super Smash Bros. Engine

Main page: Super Smash Bros. Engine

Keytar Hero

Main page: Keytar Hero

School Projects

City Render Demo

School Projects: City Render Demo

Star Fox Level

School Projects: Star Fox Level