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From top left, clockwise: Island Paradise Escape by Doram (6th place, 16.08/20), Sandy Soil in the Skylands by DarkBlaze (5th place, 16.21/20), Savage Labyrinth by Volkove (2nd place, 16.72/20), MMMMMM by Yoshi Boo 118 (4th place, 16.26/20), Fort Omniquet by nin10mode (3rd place, 16.33/20), Universitas Creaturarum Mirabilis by ~MP3 Amplifier~ (3rd place, 16.33/20).
Winner (centre): Dark by MessengerOfDreams (18.16/20).

LDC DetailsEdit

Final Levels by ScoreEdit

Place Score Level Designer Judges
1st 18.16 Dark (miniseries) MessengerOfDreams R MP3, Volkove, Nwolf, Star
2nd 16.72 Savage Labyrinth (miniseries) Volkove MoD, Nwolf, SuYo
3rd 16.33 Universitas Creaturarum Mirabilis (miniseries) ~MP3 Amplifier~ R L MoD, Nwolf, SuYo, Volkove
3rd 16.33 Fort Omniquet nin10mode R L MoD, Nwolf, SuYo
4th 16.26 MMMMMM (miniseries) Yoshi Boo 118 MoD, SuYo, DarkBlaze
5th 16.21 Sandy Soil in the Skylands Vesoralla (DarkBlaze) Nan, MoD, Kevin, Nwolf
6th 16.08 Island Paradise Escape Doram W R L MoD, Nwolf, SuYo
7th 15.28 There and Back Again SuperMIC MoD, Nwolf, SuYo, Kevin
8th 15.03 Shines in the Sky Ruins GMDragon11 MoD, Nan, Nwolf
9th 14.63 Luigi's Castle (miniseries) Nwolf MoD, Volcove, Kevin, Star
10th 14.57 A place in Space King MoD, Nwolf, Volkove
11th 14.43 Exosphere SuYo1141 MoD, Nwolf, MP3, Kevin
12th 14.13 Sky Blitz Docks Karyete Nwolf, Kevin, Volkove
13th 13.78 Spacerock Galaxy White_Yoshi54 (AzErOtH) MoD, MP3, Nwolf, Volkove
14th 13.53 Up, Up, Down, Down NyanIsAPyro MoD, Nan, Nwolf, SuYo
15th 13.39 Man vs. Machine (miniseries) BrawlerEX MoD, Nwolf, MP3, Volkove
16th 12.76 Windy Valley Gorge MushYoshi MoD, Nwolf, MP3, Nan
17th 11.74 The Long Night ~Yoshi~ (Yoshi999) MoD, Nwolf, MP3, Volkove
18th 11.11 Toad Woodlands (miniseries) Bomberman101 MoD, Nwolf, MP3, Nan
19th 10.87 Vamos a la Playa! SomeOne MoD, Nwolf, Nan, SuYo
20th 10.2 The Lost City Drayano MoD, Nwolf, MP3, SuYo


  • This LDC had absolutely no restrictions (except disallowing collabs), so we've got quite many miniseries and incredibly original levels, marvelously innovative puzzles like MMMMMM and Omniquet, or incredible block creatures like in MP3's Universitas, and it was claimed to be the most successful LDC thus far.
  • but over all these and the others, Dark shined with a staggering 18.16, the second highest score of all time. It was praised to be the perfection of a story, it is MoD's only solo gold, and it's his climax without any doubt. It was humurously debated if Kevin's perfect 20 score should be counted, which would have given MoD even a score of 18.53. However, 18.16 is the official winning score.
  • All runner-ups had a score in the 16's, with 6th and 3rd place being separated by only a quarter point. The 16.08 for Doram's Island Paradise Escape is the highest placing cut of all time. Besides, all placers except Universitas were entered into WITBLO12.
  • There was a lot of people being involved into judgings, 9 in total, due to the large amount of entries, some of them splitting on the bases of the Vault pages, or unable to load a few large entries etc. A major math TARFUN happened to Asterocrat, and all results had to be recalculated, causing some major changes in the placements.
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