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"Hello, all. I have been planning this for awhile now, and at this time I think it'd be perfect to take a look at the moments, fads, creations and just general times that this forum will never forget, for better or worse. It's a timeline-oriented list of those very remarkable moments, a trip down memory lane, and a chronicle of a site that, even if the world forgets, we never will.

Let's get right to it." ~MessengerOfDreams


Before August 2009

  • Runouw creates the first freeforums for his flash game creations, and Niklaw is made its first moderator.
  • 24murph wins the 1st LDC (Fire and Ice), although it is debated that if not for a timing problem, brandobrawl could have won instead.
  • Suyo becomes a moderator
  • Raymond makes an infamous name for himself as the first permabanned member.
  • Super Mario 63 and its level designer are completed.

August 2009

  • The current, official site is created with a mixture of Runouw's own code and a phpBB forum. The freeforums are left defunct.
  • Many of the site's most notable members of today register immediately after it is created, including Aznchau4ever, Ridder, MessengerOfDreams, MICrophone. And of course, active members of the original freeforums register again as well, including Zunar, brandobrawl, fourinone and Volcove.
  • Fourinone releases an extensive guide to the Super Mario 63 Star Coin locations.
  • The SM63 Level Portal is created, for one to easily access and play levels from.
  • 24murph and Krazy321 both win the 2nd LDC (Bowser's New Castle)
  • Vandarx impresses the forum with grand ASCII masterpieces.

September 2009

  • Brandobrawl writes the first forum story, Runouw Forums, and it becomes a runaway hit. It inspires a story section to be made in the forums.
  • Level4 introduces revolutionary tricks and glitches, which impact level designing forevermore.
  • Fourinone is promoted to a moderator position

October 2009

  • The Shadowsquid86 meme is created by fourinone, after when he is asked to tell who the next moderator would be, he picks a random member; this being Shadowsquid86, who becomes the forumwide messiah.

November 2009

  • The Runouw Wiki is created by Suyo, to house user-made information about the forums.
  • TheZunar123 creates a complete walkthrough of Super Mario 63, and it is immediately stickied.
  • MICrophone becomes the first member of the site to release his own self-produced music in his first of two albums, Sharp Minors, which is well received by the forum.
  • Fourinone wins the 3rd LDC (Desert Oasis) with Arid, Arid Desert. More than two years later, it places 5th in WITBLOAT.
  • MICrophone creates the Runouw News topic, which is the first user-made topic to be promoted to a global announcement and is still used today.
  • In a controversial decision, TrappedTime (at the time known as TheBetterGamer) is permabanned after repeated rulebreaking and reregistering. Efforts of the general public are enough to have the decision reversed by New Years'
  • Prepare To Die, a forum game created by Blablob, is born and soon becomes arguably the most successful forum game in history, causing a craze within the forum and eventually establishing its winning contestants as well-known forum members.
  • Niklaw's Tavern (eventually renamed Demonik's Tavern) is created, and takes off at a legendary pace. It is still the most active topic in this day and age, with nearly 6,000 posts, and features prominently in forum life, including various artwork and forum stories.
  • Soon after Runouw Forums (the story) is created, many other forum-based fics begin, including MICrophone/Buffooner's The Legendary Twelve and MessengerOfDreams/MICrophone's The Connection.

December 2009

  • Suyo mysteriously disappears for nearly the entire month, delaying the 4th LDC's conclusion, and it is not until late in the month when it is discovered that he had taken ill with pneumonia and could not access the site.
  • Fourinone wins the 4th LDC (Halloween) with Ethereal Mansion, which goes on to take its place as the 2nd Best Level of All Time.
  • Blablob launches the Story Telling Wars, which never comes to a feasible conclusion but hosts a couple of notable short stories, including MoD's I Walk The Line.


January 2010

  • The first Runouw Votes comes to a conclusion, with many varied winners. Multiple medalists include 24murph, brandobrawl and fourinone.
  • A planned promotion of a new moderator is rumored, but repeatedly denied by current moderators.
  • Kirby859 is mistakenly banned on charges of reregistering, but as it turns out his brother made an account. A new rule is put in place to have users notify moderators before siblings register.
  • Fourinone wins the first season of Avo's The Joke-Off.
  • Krazy321 wins the 5th LDC with the critically acclaimed Space Colony which goes on to become the 6th best Level of All Time.
  • Ridder is crowned the victor in the first round of MessengerOfDreams' Super Mario Caption Contest (which goes on to become the Gaming Caption Contest.)

February 2010

  • Suyo starts the "I just took a spontaneous ♥♥♥♥ in my pants" fad while criticizing MegaRainboom's attempt at SM63 Box Art.

March 2010

  • MessengerOfDreams and MICrophone tie as victors of the 2nd Season of Prepare to Die, and the season goes into an intense third season.
  • Runouw teases the first snapshots of the Mage Game (currently known as Last Legacy), his next full length game.
  • Avotropolis starts its 'world tour' where the casual RP goes into different fictional cities and locations in the Runouw universe. Wildly popular are Ridder's Manor and Azntown.
  • MessengerOfDreams stages his own permabanning with the assistance of fourinone as part of an April Fools' prank. It is voted as the best April Fools' prank of the year.

April 2010

  • The concept of level moderators is approved by Runouw after Buffooner and MICrophone suggest it. Soon afterwards, Canine, MICrophone and Shadrixian/Lucifer are promoted as the first three lemods.
  • Video is taken of the Mage Game's level designer, which immediately is seen to outclass SM63's.
  • MessengerOfDreams starts a frantic campaign to become a moderator (but hey, it worked. ^_^) and also becomes the site's first superveteran.
  • Runouw's 18th birthday is celebrated by the users, with many paying tribute to the leader over video and with music and other art.
  • Aznchau becomes the surprise winner of the 6th LDC (Airship) with two very talented runners up, which ends up opening the floodgates for many future winners who were not yet legends (only two other entrants get two gold medals again).
  • The first name change takes place as [L2] gets his name changed to Linkdroid. Soon after, it is permitted with everyone and becomes popular for a short time. Marioiscool254 becomes MICrophone, MessengerOfYahweh becomes MessengerOfDreams, and various other users get their names changed, although most return to normal save for grammar edits.

May 2010

  • Suyo and Niklaw, as well as all future Global Moderators, are given power over the Admin Control Panel. Suyo uses this power to implement various new BBCodes, forums and subforums.
  • Genowhirl's D-Pad comics, hand-drawn humorous comics based around video games, becomes the most successful art topic on the forums and wins a Runouw Votes award.
  • The legendary Shadowsquid86 visits the forum for the first time after he finds out he is an urban legend on the site. He only stays for a couple of weeks.
  • In a dramatic upset, Blablob wins the 7th LDC (Hidden Treasure), beating out Volcove, MICrophone, Worst_master and Zebtrestalala. All of these levels except for Worst_master's are entered into WITBLOAT. Eventually, Zebtrestalala and Volcove place 4th and 3rd in WITBLOAT, respectively.
  • Forum Games subforum is created, de-cluttering the Off Topic section.

June 2010

  • Aznchau4ever is the first member to have himself permanently banned by request. Eventually, later in the year, he returns to the forums as RemnantAbyss.
  • Blablob becomes the first member to get a gold medal in both rule enforcement and the Level Designer Contest.
  • The penalty for reregistering is lowered so users are not automatically permabanned, although still face serious consequences.
  • Pixel Car Designer and legendary level maker 24murph leaves the site mysteriously.
  • The 1st Art Contest takes off in the Art forum, leaving the competitors the task of making new smilies for the forums.
  • Zed98 and MegaRainboom announce the start of the doomed Raymond's Revenge flash game construction.
  • MoD starts a spin-off of Prepare to Die over a course of two weeks, which is won by StarF and MegaRainboom.

July 2010

  • MessengerOfDreams is given the right to host an LDC as a birthday gift, the first time a level moderator hosts an LDC. The 9th LDC begins.
  • Runouw Votes Summer 2011 takes place, launching the event into tradition. Multiple winners include Suyo, MIC, Blablob and MoD.
  • MessengerOfDreams wins the very long third season of Prepare to Die, the last one Blablob hosts. MoD gets to host a fourth season but it eventually bombs due to lack of public participation.
  • Runouw announces the name of the Mage Game, Last Legacy.
  • The Story Portal concept is approved by Runouw himself.
  • MoD becomes the first user to get a custom rank after getting 2,000 posts.
  • The Fortress Of Awesome is created out of Suyo's Game on Time.
  • MoD and Linkdroid's bitter feud comes to an end after various rulebreakings result in Linkdroid's permanent ban.
  • The winners of the 1st Art Contest are announced. Newgeneration wins the medal for his :omg: smile, with Demonik and Suyo behind with their :censor: and :o_O: smilies. Runners up include MoD ( :o.o: ), Buff ( :music: ) and Suyo again ( :wtf: ).

August 2010

  • The first two moderators to be promoted since fourinone, Blablob and MessengerOfDreams, take their jobs as Demonik retires, becoming the first honorary member.
  • Three new level mods are hired- Kirby859, nin10mode and Yoshi Boo 118. Yoshi Boo is the oldest level moderator to still be serving his term today.
  • MICrophone retires from being a level moderator.
  • A new user, Cryokenetic, wins the 8th LDC (Garden) before disappearing from the site again.
  • After a tumultuous month of fighting, Zed98 cancels the Runouw Forums flash game and leaves the site.
  • The massive roster for tSR's Super Smash Bros. Engine (programmed by Runouw) is announced.
  • Everybody Edits becomes an ongoing fad after being popularized by Blablob.
  • A group of people led by Linkdroid on Zed98's site are busted for scheming to have MoD demoted and banned in a group called the (Anti-MoY force). All of them receive bans.

September 2010

  • MICrophone is promoted back to a level moderator for a short time.
  • In one of the most unusual cases, Supermario68 creates over ten accounts and spams the forums and chat in an effort to bring excitement to the forum. He is instantly permabanned once discovered.
  • Suyo starts the Ask Suyo topic, which in turn inspires a number of identical topics from different users even to this day.
  • Volcove is the far and away winner of the 9th LDC ( Over Troubled Water), taking the latter theme.
  • The 10th LDC is announced, being run by Runouw himself.
  • The Anti-MoY Force is revived temporarily by legendary designer Worst_master, who is permanently banned with two other members receiving smaller bans.
  • After very tense forum-wide fighting, MessengerOfDreams steps down as a Moderator, at the same time creating the User Representative group- a group of normal members given access to forum 23 and participation in the debates that go on in there. He steps into the UR group with Ridder, Doram and UsuarioTHF, while MICrophone becomes a moderator. After Ridder retires two weeks after getting the job, Aznchau4ever and Brandobrawl are hired instead.
  • TheMX64 becomes the second member to be pardoned his permanent ban after he makes a sincere apology and promises to change. He has not been perma'd since.

October 2010

  • The Halloween Subforum is created, including many different contests and games as well as a trick or treat function. Killswitch (at the time in the form of rereg !?!) wins the 1st Halloween Mini-LDC.
  • Ridder inaverdently creates the Oerhaos meme, and Oerhaos' character is humorously praised as a deity.

November 2010

  • In awesomecoconut's ban log post, MIC and Blablob have a legendarily, out of place hilarious conversation that many take notice of.
  • Venexis starts an attempt at a Multi-Man SM63 level collab, which starts off strong but eventually falls by the wayside.
  • Another misfire collab attempt is started in the story forum under Blablob, who attempts to get many writers together for a story collaboration. It doesn't last long before it is shut down.

December 2010

  • The Holiday subforum is created with a similar structure to the Halloween forum, only suited for winter. Again, Killswitch wins the mini-LDC.
  • Killswitch, who formerly reregistered close to ten times, is allowed to stay after the Killswitch account is found to be an otherwise law-abiding member. He then goes on to become one of the site's most notable members and level designers.
  • The oddest new fad starts by RedLink, who writes insane crackfics about various forum members.
  • The first winning collaboration in an LDC is found in MessengerOfDreams and Venexis, who win the 10th LDC (Galaxy) Run by Runouw himself. Their entry receives wild acclaim and places 7th in the first WITBLOAT.


January 2011

  • The beta form of Last Legacy is released, with the level designer equipped.
  • MICrophone retires again, this time permanently. Blablob becomes a global moderator, MoD takes his moderating position back and Buffooner takes a User Representative job as well as maintaining his Level Moderatorship.
  • The 1st Annual Level Designer Tournament, pitting four LDers against each other at a time to compete for a crown, takes off under the leadership of MoD.
  • What Is The Best Level Of All Time, shortened to WITBLOAT, begins, to count up the best levels up until that date in time.
  • The 2011 Winter Runouw Votes awards come to a close, with big winners including Venexis, Jelloman and MoD.
  • Shadrixian/Lucifer retires from Level modship, demanding the creation of Chat Mods. He is replaced by Mr_SaxMan.

February 2011

  • DarkMarioX attempts to start up the Anti-MoD group again, but fails and is banned.
  • SilverHideStudios disrupts the forum with claims of many problems in life, and polarizes the forum on how to deal with it.
  • StarF's tampering with the warning function gives MoD's April Fools' reregister account DarkFalcon 311 warnings.

March 2011

  • The troubled user Silver_Hide_Studios is found to be a fake identity created by the formerly banned Aelita_333 as revenge, news which shakes up the entire forum. The moderators are attacked relentlessly by Silver's "friends" until the end of the month.
  • The tumultuous 11th LDC (2012) is won by Killswitch, with Avolerators less than a twentieth of a point behind. Avo goes on to place 9th in the first WITBLOAT.
  • Penguini begins to cause trouble in the forums, as well as rampant fighting, until he is permanently banned.
  • Aznchau4ever's Vorpal Annihilation Games, a critically acclaimed story revolving a conspiracy during the testing of Runouw's newest virtual reality game, becomes the most successful single-topic story on the forums, rivaling Brandobrawl's Runouw Forums as the most popular in the forum's history.
  • The Story Portal's beta is released after nearly a year of work (and procrastinating... mostly procrastinating...)

April 2011

  • April Fools' day comes and goes, with the best prank being pulled off by the mods, who imitate Shadowsquid86 convincingly enough to make the site believe he had returned to the forums.
  • Another Story Portal beta is released, and Avo, Aznchau4ever and Panik! are promoted as Story Mods. Only Panik! remains in active duty.
  • After the website's worst crash yet, the chat is removed for a short time.

May 2011

  • The chat returns in a nice, shiny new form.
  • Suyo's SYSTEM bot starts the Level of the Week, promoting the level that tops the charts at the given scan time. It is initially thought to be good, but it turns out to be flawed when many levels on the top of the portals turn out to be poor and only stay on top for a few minutes.
  • The 12th LDC ends, with the winner being Star king with a highly acclaimed level that is entered into WITBLO11, despite there being very few attendants.
  • Minecraft becomes a cemented fad in the forums, getting its own subforum.
  • The Thumbs Up System is created, though it first started out as a Up-/Downvote system until it was later replaced because of abuse.

June 2011

  • A new spam-stopping measure is implemented by Suyo, stopping all spam from reaching the forums or backing up in the Moderator Control Panel.
  • Star king's Bagz comics becomes a forumwide sensation and eventually wins Star king two Runouw Votes awards.
  • It is at first thought that new story Raymond Wars by NanTheDark and several other co-authors is the newest big hit on the forums (having 100 replies in a very short time) but it is then found that nearly the entire topic is debate and argument between the authors and very few people had read it.
  • After many, many dropouts, the 1st Level Designer Tournament is closed down.
  • TrappedTime is permanently banned again after he continues to cause trouble at the forums. He has not been unbanned since.

July 2011

  • The cookie award is created by Suyo, given by users to anyone who does any random thing that user likes.
  • The 13th LDC (Beach) comes to an end. Although the winner is very worthy (Doram takes the first place medal) it cannot be avoided that this was the least attended LDC thus far (7), even less entrants than the far-out themed 11th and 12th LDC, despite Nin10mode's valiant efforts. The rules are re-examined by the level mods before the 14th LDC.
  • Brandobrawl reboots his Runouw Forums story for a short time.
  • The 14th LDC (Pure Platformer) is started by MoD. The simple concept and rule changes bring in 32 entrants, the highest count in any LDC and a successful end to the slump that took over the prior 3 LDCs.
  • The on-site chat is taken down for the last time, and chat is moved onto the longtime offline server on Mibbit.

August 2011

  • Blablob announces his retirement, and most of the site gathers to bid farewell to the beloved moderator. In his place, MoD is promoted to global mod, where he stays to this day. Aznchau4ever and Buffooner are promoted to moderators as well. Fourinone is also demoted to an honorary member for his lack of activity, which he agrees with and accepts without any strife.
  • Avo starts 10 Second Painting, a game that gets nearly 100 responses overnight.
  • MP3 Amplifier and AwesomeJRFD are promoted to Level Mods to replace StarF. MP3 Amplifier, the first female to take a staff position, rapidly becomes one of the most beloved staff members of the site.
  • SuperMIC makes a name for himself after his newly launched forum story Runouw: Danger and Deception gets MoD's "Absolute Love and Approval" and a strong following, re-energizing the writing section of the forums.
  • 4th, 5th and 6th place ribbons are added to LDCs in the wake of the intensely occupied 14th LDC, which has over thirty entrants before disqualifications.
  • Aznchau4ever and MoD start the wildly successful Summer 2011 Runouw Votes, implementing a new poll system that returns 40 votes. Winners are varied, but multi-trophy winners include Star king and Suyo.
  • Doram wins the 5th Art Contest, after three more of them crash or even are discontinued. The 6th starts shortly after, also successful.

September 2011

  • The furriketta fad takes over the avatars of the forums for several months.
  • NanTheDark starts the Level Designing Duels, which become a great success.
  • The 14th LDC (pure platformer) ends, with King taking home the gold, followed by Volcove, Star king, NanTheDark, Myst and MICrophone. It is declared to be the most successful LDC in history in speed and participation.
  • To assist Republic, MoD creates his Level Designer Tier, ranking designers in order of skill and success. 24Murph tops the initial list.
  • Nin10mode wins the 6th Art Contest (Conceptual Website Profiles).
  • The first silent promotion takes place, with Ven being made into a user rep without anyone being told, including F23, by MoD.
  • ScardySquirrel (sic) is banned for the first time by MoD, who creates an award-winning fad by not being able to spell his name in any of the bans he receives afterward up to his permaban.

October 2011

  • NanTheDark is promoted to Level MoD, and the Wiki Mod group is created to spur activity on the nearly abandoned Runouw Wiki.
  • The anime craze takes a hold of Runouw. Chau, an active reporter and reviewer on the Otaku culture, helps spread the popularity and is eventually awarded a Runouw Votes for his efforts.
  • The 1st Story Writing Contest Starts, but is currently defunct due to lack of complete entries.
  • In a surprising twist, Volcove wins the 15th LDC (Earth and Sky), despite trying to snag a 5th place ribbon. He and Master1.0 (3rd) gain entrance into WITBLO11 early on.
  • In accordance with his LDC win, Volcove tops the Level Designer tiers, displacing 24murph to second. He remains at the top still, although 24murph joined him in the tie for a brief stint.
  • At a surprisingly rapid pace, LordFalcon makes many forum members signature bars, eventually winning a Runouw Votes award for his own sig.
  • The Anti-MoD group is started again by Koopa Yoshi in his forums, which causes many reactions in mainly of amusement. Regardless, he continues to bully the site through himself and his subordinates until he and Destroyer1 are permabanned and eventually excommunicated altogether.
  • Predictably, the Halloween Subforum opens (although incredibly late.) This time it is SuperMIC who wins the mini-LDC, while Yoshi Boo 118 wins the story writing contest and Bowsersbane winning the costume contest. Nin10mode and Alucard win the best avatar contest.

November 2011

  • A programming contest is created, with every entrant winning a medal. Fourinone, Jellonator, Buffooner and Suyo win the medal.
  • MoD beats Ven to win the first ever Level Designer Duel.
  • Originally conceived as a joke, Avo's concept of a anime starts to grow through the FoA only.
  • Star king starts the Runolympics, an abandoned concept from Lucifer which he pulls off well enough to get a high amount of activity.
  • The first Wikimods are picked to be Oranj, TheZunar123, MKStar26 (who soon retires) and Yoshi Boo 118.
  • Linkdroid is unbanned and given a new username per his request (PuppetOfMisery.) He remains a good and law abiding user until the date of this list's original publication.

December 2011

  • MoD creates new ranks for the site, including As Ninja As Myst, The Legacy and Minister of Oerhaos, among others.
  • The Holiday Forums open again with a mostly successful Secret Santa highlighting the events.
  • The first Team Fortress 2 match is successful.
  • MoD and Venexis become the only collaboration to win two medals (while still being the only winning collab), as well as the 5th overall entrant to win the first place medal in the 16th LDC (Musical Moods) which is declared to be the most talented LDC on record since the 7th. Their level, as well as runners up Volcove, Star King and Nworlds, is entered into WITBLO11.
  • Volcove, currently praised as the best level designer in the forums, becomes the first normal-rank member to run an LDC, with the 17th (Winter) being underway in place of a mini-LDC.


January 2012

  • A new yet-to-be-leaked feature is implemented for testing in the Fortress of Awesome.
  • The 2012 Winter Runouw Votes begin with high activity.
  • What Is the Best Level of All Time finally comes to a close, with the best level being voted by four legendary designers as 24murph's The Final Rush, the conclusion of his wildly popular 2009 levelseries. Also in the top are Ethereal Mansion by Fourinone, Temple of the Penguin God by Volcove, Explorer Guy and King Goombiard's Ancient Temple by Zebtrestalala and Arid Arid Desert, also by Fourinone.
  • After incredibly fast judging, the 17th LDC (Winter) winner is announced to be the under-the-radar DarkBlaze, who wins with the only story-less platformer in LDC history save the 14th LDC (Where that was a theme.) The first tie in a year occurs when MessengerOfDreams' highest placing solo act ties with the second-highest placing collab, MP3 Amplifier and SuperMIC.
  • MoD becomes the first member to reach over 10,000 posts (including off topic).
  • In protest of the SOPA bill, Suyo programs the site to 'black out' by making the site pitch black save for a small window.
  • The Results of the Winter 2012 Runouw Votes come in. MoD comes out as the biggest winner, with seven medals to his name. Other multi-winners include Star king, SuperMIC, Venexis and Volcove.

February 2012

  • SuperMIC starts the Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) RPG game, based off the popular anime that took the forums over in a craze, and it takes off well.
  • System's Level of the Week is declared defunct after giving many bad levels the honor. He is demoted and MoD leads MP3 Amplifier and Star King in a new, human run system. It is a success.

March 2012

  • The Anime Subforum opens up for Avolerators and Nin10mode's FoA project. In turn, the two of them are promoted to Anime Mods, which means they have mod powers in the forum. Anime progress speeds up although it has halted since, for an indefinite amount of time.
  • An April Fools joke (always to be remembered) takes place at the end of the month and runs through into April. It included the work of AniLORD the supreme admin overlord (or MoD's sister) and she decided to take over the forums with her own miniature animal kingdom. During the whole "lame" and pink version of the forum, God comes along as the next ultimate admin to save us all and turns the forums into a celebration of heaven. Unfortunately this April Fools couldn't be continued after the staff members included in the joke were insulted via Suyo's e-mail, therefore we couldn't get around to involving future characters and concluding the war. (and even missing out on some medals)

April 2012

  • MessengerOfDreams wins the 18th LDC by a landslide, and while his win was predicted by most everyone, his staggering score of 18.19 or 18.53 (debatable), the highest LDC score ever, was a shock. After a score recalculation, the runners up are found to be Volcove in second, and Nin10mode and MP3 Amplifier tying for third. All three runners up have a score in the 16s.
  • NanTheDark begins production on a Dueling Tournament, and 16 users register. Level designing juggernauts are at a minimum (Star king, MessengerOfDreams) so it promises to be an open field of players.
  • The WITBLOAT list is divided into two lists- WITBLO09 and WITBLO10. This makes Volcove's Temple of the Penguin God (the silver medalist of the 7th LDC) the number one level of 2010, while The Final Rush continues to dominate the 2009 list. Four new levels from Yoshi16, Fourinone, Volcove and Runouw are added to the 09 list while Venexis gets an addition to the 2010 list.
  • In the wake of his growing absence, MoD promotes MP3 Amplifier to be his personal assistant, giving her more power on the forums to help her. Some outcry is made regarding the ever increasing number of groups, leading to discussion on combining/eliminating a few.
  • Linkdroid/PuppetOfMisery/Xeuonia is re-banned again, only for a month, but it has been given potential for a perma. If he carries on the noted dangerous behaviour he could quite possibly receive another permaban.

May 2012

  • The month starts off with the unveiling of the secret "Fortress of Awesome" feature, a new and improved onpage chat. It has multiple channels, a separate chat that can be opened in a different tab, among other things. The 7th Art Contest begins, with the theme of "Medals," which will be simple 48x48 pixel images. In the same month, the deadline is reached, having only one complete entry.
  • Runouw makes a comeback, changing the layout of the main, games, portal, about, etc. pages. A new Music section is added to the flash header, where Steve "Runouw" Hewitt posts music tracks for games the duo are making. The old Level Portal is archived, and no one is able to submit, edit, or rate levels from said portal. Instead, the Portal page has links to the Last Legacy portal, the new Forum-linked SM63 portal, and the old archived portal.
  • WITBLO11 draws to a close! The winners are MoD and Ven, and the series was Destinations. Runners-up include Realm of the Heavens/Parallel Spires by Volcove and Dimension Infinity by Star king. Three names of notable levels were also listed to be in WITBLO12, Dark, Omniquet and Universitas (cannot be spelt, apparently).
  • The 19th LDC ends! The winners turn out to be MP3 Amplifier, BrawlerEX and MessengerOfDreams. Everyone at this point was looking forward to the very exciting 20th LDC!

June 2012

  • The 20th LDC begins- with Mario himself hosting it. The judges participating in this LDC included Mario, Wario, Luigi and Yoshi. Their true forum identities are yet to be revealed to the public.
  • Talks of a series of WITBLO tribute levels take place as MP3 Amplifier plans to make a memorable WITBLO celebration of each year, so people can see glimpses of the best parts out of each level included.
  • Nwolf, a well-known and respected veteran on the site, is promoted to level moderator out of the blue due to the opening of the new portal demanding many moderators taking care of it. This opens up many discussions among members about further promotions and things begin to turn tense.
  • The annual Billy Mays Day had been forgotten and therefore had a topic named "CAPS LOCK DAY" in tribute to it. Soon after Suyo did some coding, he made it so anything viewable on that topic was turned immediately into capitals.
  • After many bets taking place on the site, Bogdan decides to make a topic based around the ultimate bets, leaving punishments as pink usernames and quite humiliating ranks if you lost them. Bogdan was the first of these bets to receive a pink name and humiliating ranking after losing a bet with Nwolf of "whether Linkdroid will rage after his ban is over when he returns to", and he did not moan. Other most recent ones taking place have been SMIC betting that Suyo won't give himself a pink name and humiliating rank, which in the end Suyo did this to himself for a week. And MK has been the third to the date of this current edit to lose a bet and receive the pink rank.

July 2012

  • MKSTAR26 sets up his own mini-LDC for fun where all you have to do is make a level within the dimensions of 25x25. It very quickly becomes popular.
  • The semi-annual Runouw Votes are started again! Except for a few minor changes throughout the season. Confirmed winners of the first moderator approved categories include MessengerOfDreams, Venexis, Buffooner and MP3 Amplifier.
  • MP3 Amplifier becomes the first (and most likely last) winner of the Story Writing Contest with Allergic to Water, starring Bogdan.
  • The 25quared contest finishes soon after it is started! The winner is the underrated yet great designer Master1.0, and the runner ups in second and third are MP3 Amplifier and Star king.
  • The 20th LDC comes to a close, with our mysterious 4 judges getting to work.
  • The tier list becomes "MoD's and Amp's Official Level Designer Tier List" after MP3 was given permission to update the topic.
  • Dueling Arena Tournament is started after long last, but then deleted for reasons unknown to the public.
  • MoD's and Volcove's duel results are also announced by Venexis, and the winner turns out to be Volcove with an incredibly high score of 18.0625.

August 2012

  • The Runouw Votes come to a close and the confirmed winners of the nomination categories include Razputin, Brandobrawl, KevinOC, (the multiple trophy winners) and then single trophy winners such as Nwolf, NanTheDark and Venexis.
  • The 20th LDC results are finally posted through by Mario, and Buffooner wins with his level Shyguy's Island. Runners up for third and second place are SuperMIC and MP3 Amplifier/Star king. The latter make history with the largest LDC entrant in history. Not only that, but 2nd place (The Untold Story) scored the highest second place ever, 17.62/20. 3rd place (Mirror Island) scored the highest third place in history, 17.375/20, and Nwolf's 4th place entry (Big Boo's Rainbow Road) scored the highest fourth place ever, with 16.8125/20. All three entries beat multiple winning entries with their scores already, some of those winning entries were notable ones also.
  • The real judges were also revealed- Yoshi was YB, Luigi was MP3 and MoD, Wario was Suyo (with multiple backups) and Mario was Doram (also with multiple backups).
  • AwesomeJRFD was demoted from his level moderator position and replaced by Star king, a level designing legend and respected artist. He was finally promoted to level moderator after being well-known for wanting this very badly for over a year (StarEDIT: Actually two).
  • Volcove, yet another level designing legend, was also promoted to user representative.
  • Razputin begins a Minecraft Server after the game's update, which catches much attention in the gaming community. This was also set to replace Suyo's Minecraft Server.

September 2012

  • MP3 Amplifier begins a new level designer sticky topic named "Amp's Community Help & News Topic". Its purpose is to help others who have a special request for a level of theirs such as a judging, a bug check etc. It also aims to bring the community into getting involved in new activities (level designer based). It is immediately successful.
  • NanTheDark is demoted from his level moderator position due to inactivity. However it is unaware to the public whether he would have a replacement or not.
  • Lordpat begins to make himself a name in the level designing business when he creates a Random Dueling Arena (connected to the Dueling Arena) and makes a joke level tournament called "The Worst Playable Level Tournament".
  • The onsite chat breaks yet again (or becomes too expensive to run) so Suyo takes it down and brings back an IRC channel, but this time more protected.
  • LDC titlecards are completed and added to the LDC Hall of Fame topic by MP3 Amplifier.

October 2012

  • Nin10mode is silently promoted to a user rep on top of this level modship, so silently in fact, that no-one even notices!
  • Following this, towards the end of the month, MessengerOfDreams sadly gives up his global mod position and demotes to a user representative. Of course, his leaving topic gets many replies and goodbyes, both brief and long. His replacement global moderators are Buffooner and MP3 Amplifier! More promotions begin to take place after this, and while no-one gets completely demoted down to an honorary member (which at this stage was having crazy colour changes), Nin10mode is promoted up to a moderator and Blackyoshi is his replacement level moderator. AlucardX60, well known forum veteran and tavern co-owner, gets a position as a user representative.
  • Very shortly after promotions/demotions are made, MessengerOfDreams hands his topics and forum works over to MP3 Amplifier, who was once his assistant, and now his replacement. She promises she will work well to keep them alive and help to maintain the forum as it is. During the big topic exchanging time, MessengerOfDreams also takes over the LDC Hall of Fame from Suyo.
  • MessengerOfDreams also makes a new topic for the header video discussion in that people can choose their own videos to go on the Off-Topic forum header.
  • The Halloween forum begins and along with it to suit the season are mini-contests and the creepy music. Overnight, topics are made relating to Halloween and it immediately becomes popular (as always), and a new medal is added to the table- a candy medal, used for winners of contests and from nominations.
  • The Halloween Mini-LDC has a returned theme for the Unfinished Level, this time it was made by Volcove, current top level designer of the tier list.

November 2012

  • The names are changed back to their original ones as the Halloween season ends, along with LDCs being concluded, which soon results in the Halloween forum being graveyarded soon after.
  • The 22nd LDC begins soon after the results for the Storytelling 21st LDC half come through. (the winner is MP3 Amplifier, who now has a chance to win both LDCs, and the runners-ups are Buffooner and Tune4Toons).
  • Shortly after that the results of the Cave 21st LDC half got announced, with MessengerOfDreams as the winner, being the 1st person to collect 4 gold medals. The runner-ups are Volcove and Zebtrestalala, and Lordpat receiving his first ever placing above 6th in an LDC (with a ribbon for 4th).
  • Not even a day later after the Cave theme's results, the overall results of both themes are announced! MP3 Amplifier, now collecting her third gold trophy (in such a short amount of time considering her first gold trophy she collected only two LDCs before), wins with an overall score of 16.83/20, leaving her entry as the highest winning entry in the 16s! Placing second and third are MoD and Volcove, and the ribbon placers are Zebtrestalala, Buffooner and Tune4Toons.
  • One of the members on the site, Atrin, after receiving a ban for breaking multiple reasons such as replying to spambots or bumping 3 month old topics, is permanently banned after re-registering and pretending to be a sibling. Minutes before he is banned he changes drastically from being immature to being a new Raymond, which gets noticed by many members on the forum, including MP3 Amplifier who received PMs in hatred for banning him (well that's what happens when you re-reg, lawl).

December 2012

  • Panik is demoted from story moderator and replaced by Tune4Toons. This makes her the second female moderator in forum history and also broke MP3 Amplifier's record of being the quickest to be promoted after her join date. After her promotion, changes begin to take place around the Stories forum, adding 4 new subforums so it is easier to find stories/poems, which leaves the original Stories forum open for discussion topics, forum rules and story writing contests.
  • Suyo brings in a new anti-spam system which is thought to be the best one on the forums yet.
  • The 22nd LDC deadline fast approaches and things turn tense as we go into the judging phase.
  • The newest mini-LDC hosted by MK yet again takes place with the theme being "carvery", where you had to carve your level out of a template full of tiles already given.
  • Towards the middle of the month and as it starts to head towards Christmas more, the Holidays forum for 2012 is opened to the public. This then introduces to Christmas mini-Art Contest and the Secret Santa event!
  • The mini-LDC comes to a close as the world certainly DOESN'T end.
  • Star king begins a new forum project, called the Runouw Cards Playing Deck. This immediately gains a large audience as he goes through the site's most notable members and ranks them as playing cards for Part of the project also includes him making cartoons of the members themselves.
  • The 22nd LDC results are finally through! The winners are blackyoshi, Volcove and KABOOM, and the the ribbon placers are MegaR, Star king and MP3 Amplifier/Karyete collab. It seemed at first that DarkBlaze would also be collecting a ribbon, but after some score miscalculations, he moves down to 7th place overall.


January 2013

  • The Winter 2012/13 Runouw Votes ceremony begins on New Year's Day, and back to the usual layout.
  • The Holidays Forum is put into hibernation again, ready for next year.
  • The LL update that everyone had been anticipating for a long time was released finally by Runouw. This automatically gains a lot of attention from the public, both SM63 and previous LL designers. More updates are likely to be released in the future.
  • The 23rd LDC begins after nearly a month of waiting, with the very unusual but popular theme, Science. It is hosted yet again by MP3 Amplifier, as 23 is well-known to be her lucky number.
  • The Runouw Votes finally come to a close as the poll's results are taken! Some of the major winners of this round turned out to be MP3 Amplifier, Star king, blackyoshi and Doram.
  • A lesser known duel between Volcove and MP3 Amplifier is concluded, while with only two judgings, MP3 Amplifier is still the clear winner with a very high score of 18/20. She goes on to become the first designer to beat Volcove in a duel and Tearing Paper continues to impress as we head into the WITBLO12 season.

February 2013

  • Much discussion takes place after some people feel that certain users have been stereotyped as noobs or villains, and people begin to discuss ways of allowing future members into the Runouw community.
  • As WITBLO12 begins to run past its deadline, more discussion for the video commentaries and recordings are made.

March 2013

  • As the 23rd LDC deadline approaches fastly, only 7 entries + 1 joke entry are completed and therefore named one of the smallest LDCs ever.
  • Brief runolympics discussion is brought up by Nan, which starts up Team Dark again. A secret project begins to take place between the group.
  • Later on in the month, the 23rd LDC results are announced by Amp who ends up winning her own contest, being the second ever in history to do that. (MoD half hosted the 16th LDC and half won it with Ven) In 2nd place is Nan & JSlayer, both picking up their first LDC trophy each. Volcove places 3rd and JJJ places 4th after long last. Most of the scores are very close to each other.

April 2013

  • Due to the failure of last year's April Fools, there was no huge event this year. However many people made their own mini-April Fools, the most popular ones being Suyo's and MoD's.
  • After Star's sudden disappearance for about a month, people start questioning the effects that being ruder to newer members had on the whole community. Changes begin to be discussed between everyone in order to stop anyone else leaving.
  • Runouw releases a maths based mini-game called On The Run in his new plan to make small games in between the larger games' updates.
  • Discussion of an LL LDC starts to take place in chat and on the forums but nothing was confirmed, and neither was there an official date or idea for the 24th LDC yet.

May 2013

  • It starts to become clear that there is a 24th LDC on its way after members wondering if there will ever be another LDC.
  • A topic titled 'FORUM CLEANUP' is posted in the News forum, which outlines what needs updating on the forum and what needs to be scrapped. This includes mod groups, forum rules etc.
  • After debate taking place on this topic, later on in the month changes to groups begin to take place such as- Story mods, wiki mods and honorary members being removed, leaving very few people on the site with an actual colour. (which was partly the aim)
  • Star king also returns after having 2 months being 'mad at the site'. (:p) Naturally, this gets a lot of good reactions.
  • But strong debate and even arguments start to take place between regular users and moderators because of the rules being made possibly 'too strict'. The moderators looked at it as an emphasis on the existing rules though.
  • After a long, long wait, the 24th LDC finally starts. It is hosted by YB and the theme is Jungle Forest. Many others complain about the LL LDC not starting with Runouw being too busy, so at the very beginning of June, Raz and KT intend to start their own LL mini-LDC with a different judging system, and the theme being Sky.

June 2013

  • Lots of Runouwians show a very caring side for a number of members who are experiencing RL difficulties. This proves very useful indeed.
  • W_M is caught on IRC as Sane_Fork_Eon, and is agreed by most members on the chat to be banned. Ironically, his sudden appearance didn't seem to intend negativity to the site.
  • Two new promotions are made on the site for the first time in a while. SuYo1141 is promoted to a user rep after long discussion about it, and Triple J is promoted to a level mod as the site starts gaining a growing need for them again.
  • The mini-LL LDC deadline reaches, with only few entrants, and the judges begin to work.
  • Finally the forum cleanup begins to conclude and official changes to the rules are discussed and getting prepared to be carried out.

July 2013

  • The 24th LDC deadline reaches and the judges get to work.
  • WITBLO12 videos and write-ups seem behind on schedule and the level designer community start to discuss things again.
  • After a long delay and tons of arguing, Runouw Votes: Summer 2013 is hosted by nin10mode in the absence of MP3 and Buff. There are only 10 user awards.
  • Probably the fastest LDC yet, the 24th SM63 LDC concludes. Our winners from 6th to 1st are 1018peter, DarkBlaze, KABOOM, Killswitch, ~MP3 Amplifier~, and Ayrayen, making a huge comeback in the level designing community with a score of 17.38.

August 2013

  • The polls are set up in order for Runouw Votes to move along.
  • The 25th SM63 LDC starts at the beginning of the month- hosted by Star king. The theme is a comeback from the first 3 LDCs; hot and cold, bowser's new castle and desert oasis. Participants also have the choice in which theme they would like to choose.
  • ~MP3 Amplifier~ admits to being caught up in a stressful situation, and tells members that she is likely to step down from her global mod position for as long as she needs.
  • The Runouw Votes comes to a conclusion, with nin10mode announcing the results. The first released winners turn out to be ~MP3 Amplifier~ as best mod, SuYo1141 as best of the other staff and Raz as the best member. The second released winners turn out to be yurimaster09 as best new member, Ayrayen as best level designer, Star king as best artist, Raz as biggest fanboy. In part 3, the winners are nin10mode with best signature, Raz with best avatar (even though LF made it), Venexis as funniest member. And finally in part 4, the best topic is voted to be An Explanation of Triggers by Raz and AwesomeJRFD, the biggest achievement is voted to be the new medal system by Suyo and Star king, and the best level is voted to be Weather Works by Triple J.

September 2013

  • The 25th LDC deadline reaches and we go into judging stage.
  • ~MP3 Amplifier~ disappears for a month without word after going on holiday.
  • The 2nd 25quared contest is set up by MK which doesn't take long to judge and conclude.
  • Amp's Community Help & News Topic in the level designer forum gets a sudden revival, along with the Dueling Arena.
  • The 25th LDC results are released and the winners turn out to be Nwolf in 1st, MoD in 2nd and Doram in 3rd. The runner ups are Volkove in 4th, KT is 5th and 1018peter in 6th.
  • Soon after, the mini-LDC 2nd 25quared results are released too, with the winner being Volkove, and Kaboom in 2nd with KT in 3rd. In 4th we have Suyo who makes a brief comeback, in 5th we have Nwolf and in 6th we have Mega.

October 2013

  • MoD starts to begin WITBLOAllTime and also starts making changes to the WITBLO13 list too.
  • Triple J begins a section in the LDC Hall of Fame dedicated to the mini-LDCs.
  • Runouw finally begins the 1st LL LDC, theme being Spooky to suit the Halloween season.
  • The Halloween forums are also set up once again, getting everybody into the mood even if only 3 contests are made this year. The avatar dress-up winner is Star king, the art contest winner was a tie between Konradix and NanTheDark, and the story contest winner was MessengerOfDreams. It is unsure which medal they will receive at this moment. Also, Konradix is the winner of the 2013 edition of "last person to post before forum is graveyarded wins", and therefore he is awarded a cookie.

November 2013

  • The Halloween forums are taken down and everybody's names are changed back.
  • The dueling arena is livened up again after more duels are taking place.
  • The topic "Things that you want to say", made by Gardelario, is becoming increasingly popular and some say it might even be the equivalent of a chat thread.

December 2013

  • The LL LDC deadline is extended largely until enough people have finished their entries.
  • The Christmas forum is set up once again and everybody starts making their own holidays topics to get into the mood, and Secret Santa takes place too.
  • There is a new on-site chat by Suyo which is likely to be a mixture of every chat we've ever had so it fits everyone's taste. So far, it is only available in the FoA.


January 2014

  • -KT (Blackyoshi) finally starts the 26th LDC. This time, the theme as Conflict, and both the entries and judges must remain anonymous until the very end.
  • MessengerOfDreams posts a thread for Runouw: Survivor ORG(Online Reality Game). Several users sign up for the $100 prize, to be given via steam, amazon, or any other online service.
  • Runouw Votes: Winter is mysteriously glossed over. Few questions are asked.
  • Aznchau4ever finally buys Minecraft. This is significant.

February 2014

  • Runouw releases Last Legacy: Null Space Beta, a second story for the game.
  • Another period of emotion is had, as several users post personal threads and give each other support.
  • Runouw Survivor ORG takes off, with NanTheDark winning the first challenge. Its participants are then split into two teams, Oerhaos Tribe and Shadowsquid Tribe.
  • Over a year since the last ban, d0ujinSHE is banned for allegedly being a reregistered account of TrappedTime. Not much effort was taken to fully prove the offense.
  • Many of the site's members brainstorm why there was a decline in new users and ways to fix it. Runouw pitches in with his own ideas and charts to shed more light on the situation.
  • Aznchau4ever buys Bravely Default and registers his Animal Crossing: New Leaf to his Nintendo account. This is significant.

March 2014

  • The 1st Last Legacy LDC finally comes to a close after four and a half months. It's winner is Volkove, with his entrant Stronghold of Solitude.
  • Amid fireworks and controversy, Venexis wins Survivor: Runouw 4-3 over Raz. The divide between the former Shadowsquid and Oerhaos tribes, with Venexis and BY bridging the gap between the two, illuminates a deep schism between the gamers of the site, and the RPGers/level designers, which moderator and contestant Nin10mode addresses, sparking the two sides to finally air their grievances and move on. The recaps begin to be released from that point on.
  • MP3 Amplifier begins a project of recording herself playing levels for archiving purposes.
  • MessengerOfDreams voices concern that the Super Mario 63 scene is at a point where not enough activity might justify the continuation of a WITBLO14, or any year onward.

April 2014

  • The Last Legacy Null Space Release Candidate is revealed to the public, to the excitement of many.
  • The 26th LDC ends quietly. Although there's only 6 entrants and most of them score low, the big story is Amp taking home her 4th win in the past 7 LDCs.
  • The 3rd 25quared LDC is started by Emelia Kaylee, and ends shortly thereafter with Yurimaster winning.
  • Raz is promoted to a User Representative, followed by AlucardX60 and Volkove demotions from their UR positions.
  • Runouw restructures the forums, pushing his two big games to the top of the forum below the Welcome/Site Discussion threads, and moving artwork and Off-Topic to the bottom in order to better promote his own work.

May 2014

  • The second release candidate of Last Legacy Null Space is also released.
  • Runouw also, for a school project, releases a small game bearing resemblance of Star Fox.
  • Yurimaster, as a result of his 2nd place in the 26th LDC and win in the 25quared LDC, is moved up to #22 in the tier list along with other smaller movements.

June 2014

  • The 2nd LLLDC starts, with the theme being Time Travel.
  • MessengerOfDreams finishes the Survivor: Runouw recaps.
  • Runouw puts Last Legacy Null Space on Newgrounds.

July 2014

  • Star king revives his Runouw Playing Card Deck, releasing a few new pieces.
  • Runouw Votes makes a comeback, covering the year from Summer 2013 on to Summer 2014. It's run by Venexis. The biggest victories come from multiple-medalists Raz, Star king, Raiyunni, and MessengerOfDreams.
  • A Trello is started for Runouw staff to show the status of work being done on the forums.
  • Runouw turns 5, as the 5-year-anniversary causes some fanfare.

August 2014

  • The 27th LDC finally starts after a 4 month gap between major LDCs. The theme is Water.
  • Runouw releases the Last Legacy website, an independent site all about his latest game.
  • Venexis starts an active movement to promote the IRC chat, feeling that too many users are left out of the dynamic of the site with the more popular members migrating over to Skype. Some activity floruishes on the IRC because of it.
  • It's announced abruptly that the site is deleting all of the zero-post accounts, although their levels and off-topic posts will remain under a white, unclickable name.

September 2014

  • MessengerOfDreams announces that WITBLOAT will commence after the results of the 27th LDC, with 6 of the 2014 releases to be added to the list. He also says that there will likely be a WITBLO14 separate of it, on account of WITBLOAT being a celebration of the prior five years of designing from August 2009-2014.
  • Ayrayen wins WITBLO13 proper, edging out Star king, MoD, Amp, and the JSlay/Nan combo to win with Keel's Hatred and the Jungle Sprite.
  • Yurimaster wins the 27th LDC, edging out a MoD/Amp tie, and Kaboom in 3rd place. Controversy over Supershroom's score being low despite the size/scope of his level cause him to advocate for drastic changes to the judging system.
  • WITBLOAT polling for the 6 2014 entrants begins.
  • Yurimaster is promoted to lemod, being one of the youngest moderators in history at 13. He replaces Yoshi Boo 118, formerly the longest active moderator outside of Suyo, who stepped down at his own request.

October 2014

  • The staff Skype chat begins as nin10mode invites everyone to join, and the majority join up. First public issues addressed: WikedOreo's comments that the site has become too closed to new members, and Supershroom's suggestions that LDC scoring rules be changed. Privately, tensions run high on receiving information that Suyo is disappearing, and discussion starts on who could possibly be promoted to replace him as forum coder, and whether or not that would make them a Glomo in order to do that. Much conversation surrounds how to break it to the forums without inciting mass panic.
  • Runouw announces that he is accepting applications for a closed beta for Last Legacy: Chapter 3. People are EXCITED.
  • The 28th LDC Starts, with the theme of Urban. Hopes run high that the popularity of LDCs is on the rise...

November 2014

  • As staff continue to wrestle with exactly how to handle Suyo's retirement, several User Representatives step up and quietly start to take different site areas over. Venexis takes over the IRC chat as Raz begins to experiment with replacing it with CyTube, and Doram takes over the Wiki (first discovering that the old wiki was locked, a new one was made at, but it is soon discovered that the person who owned is none other than retired Glomo Blab, and the task begins of getting ahold of Blab to effect a transfer of accounts).
  • The task of taking on the mass deleting of spambot accounts begins, as lists are generated and split up. User Representatives are given a tiny boost in power to be able to access only the one system and help with the massive task.
  • By mid November, the language is set, and the announcement is made to the forums that Suyo is gone, with heavy assurance that staff has everything under control. Public discussion of possible replacement coders begin.
  • The deadline for the 28th LDC comes and goes with a mere 3 levels submitted. With promises that a number of people merely needed more time, the decision is made to extend the overall deadline.
  • MoD pushes again for work to be done on the WITBLOAT project.

December 2014

  • Doram announces the official rebirth of the Wiki, as he is given control of the thread. He starts a massive campaign of writing pages upon pages of content, in the hopes that someone will find the thing useful. Amongst other things, he calls for help writing a play guide for SM63 as he starts work on porting over his massive LD guide for SM63.
  • The deadline for the 28th LDC is extended once again, this time to the very end of the year: December 31, 11:59PM PST.
  • After some discussion, Runouw Votes is revived from a 2 year break, and the process begins for Winter 2014.


January 2015

  • A new stable thread is started to announce staff changes, with the demotion of SuYo1141 from User Representative.
  • Runouw Votes Winter 2014 ends with no small amount of revived controversy. The general mood is good, though, as many are happy to see an old tradition revived.
  • The 28th LDC ends after a two full month work time, with only 4 completed levels, and Kaboom takes home his first gold trophy.
  • Star king continues SMC with FLOODED PAST after an 8 month hiatus.

February 2015

  • The 29th LDC starts with a theme of Grasslands. Despite the depressing turnout for the last LDC, the response initially is quite good, and our hopes are renewed again.
  • Doram's efforts on the wiki are taking shape as Major framework parts of the site are finished including the majority of the work on porting over the SM63 LD Guide. His roving eye starts grabbing other things to put on the wiki like more comprehensive listing of several LDCs, and detailed ports of the WITBLO lists.

March 2015

  • After MUCH conversation, User Representatives are finally renamed to Site Representatives. Everybody takes a moment to adjust.
  • After even more staff conversation on people actually being active in their roles, the Staff gets a major shakeup. Buff (Glomo), Nwolf(Lemod), and Usu(SR) are demoted for inactivity, and Chau(Mod) asks to step down. In their place, MK and OJ make Site Representative, Frozenfire becomes the latest Level Moderator, Raz gets a big bump to Moderator, and in a surprising twist, Doram goes from SR straight to Glomo. Half of the surprise of Doram's rise is a brief burst of resistance to the move, with a number of users stating their concerns about the decision. Doram, in grand Glomo ascension tradition, freaks out over this, and declares his retirement from Serious Discussion, since he believed that the resistance came from his activities there. Despite the rarity of such outbursts from Doram, the situation does calm down fairly quickly, as he settles in to fixing a bunch of things around the site that needed attention, and proves that he does indeed know what he is doing. His first accomplishment is redoing the site's About page with blurbs and contact info for the current staff. This is swiftly followed by a partial fix to Levelplayer tags in the SM63 portal, and a full fix for the UCP switch for turning off the flash header.
  • The Trello FINALLY gets some attention, and is used to track projects from now on.
  • March ends with the triumphant return of on-site chat. After a suggestion of using a KiwiIRC widget, Doram codes it into a fresh page, and makes that oft neglected Chat link on the header useful again.

April 2015

  • April 1st hits like a punch to the face with the first major April Fools Day event in years. This year's two day event: Raz has become Razputin and has taken over the forums, making them into Mother Razzia. Oppressive communist hijinks ensue making the whole forums grayscale. Runouwians fight back for color against the gray Razzians culminating in a spam war in the home forums of the two camps. Despite fierce battle, the organized regiments of the Razzian oppressors win the day, but then decide that this place is too rowdy for them and leave anyways. Medals are handed out for the first successfully completed "takeover" prank, and many cite this as the best April Fools ever.
  • April begins the task of outdoing March with site-wide changes, starting with a massive increase on PM inbox sizes (from 50 to 250). Recovery from the April Fools event takes a while as the original colors are figured out again, and the site's CSS gets some tweaks.
  • Next on his list, Doram dives into fixing up some of the BBCode of the site, integrating some of the recent CSS tweaks into things, fixing info and warn, and creating his own Stamp of Approval BBCode (approved), and some formatting for the role players of the site (rp and ooc).
  • The month isn't half over before he manages to redo the art for all the smilies, including adding a few to the list.
  • Raz get's his 4000th post, and MoD gets his 6000th.
  • And, as if April didn't have enough scandal, there is an aborted attempt to move the chat IRC host away from Suyo's servers, which causes extremely heated arguments, and divides the site like nothing in recent memory. In the end, everything was put back to normal, and work resumed on getting ahold of Suyo to fix problems that had cropped up, such as large groups of members getting IP banned from the chat sporadically.

May 2015

  • The 29th LDC results are finally in, with MessengerOfDreams and Star king's collab, Leaves From The Vine, coming in first; MP3's level, The Secret Meadow, coming in second; and Yurimaster's level, Cosmic Gardens, coming in third. Some severe differences in the judgings result in more LDC drama, (surprising) and a warning being given out.
  • The 4th 25quared started and ended, with Venexis coming in first with his touching story-based level, Starlight Lament. Once again, drama continues on the same topic from the previous LDC and is quickly shut down. A new system for judging is tried out for this LDC, where each judge looks over their scores with eachother for any major differences, but it is not received well.

June 2015

  • Triple J retires from the level moderator position due to lack of motivation.
  • The third Last Legacy LDC starts and ends on, and is the first of all future LLLDCs to be on another site. (and as a result won't be in this timeline after this post.)
  • Near the end of the month, a mysterious banner appears, and immediately there are many theories and conspiracy theories about what it means, Kimonio being the only one to properly guess it.
  • Brando starts a thread in Serious Discussion called "How was your day", encouraging people to talk about their daily issues in real life. It is immediately stickied and receives lots of kudos. It marks an increase of truly serious discussion in the forum.

July 2015

  • The mysterious banner is revealed to be the Runolympics! The event was hosted by Star king and Doram, with an entire forum being set up and a special forum theme, being Runouw's biggest event yet. A sign-up was posted and 32 people entered in 5 different teams, Red Team, Team Magma, Team Super, Crystal Clods, and Team Dark.
  • The first event; an art contest, starts shortly after. MessengerOfDreams won for his team with a script.
  • The second event; a Gaming Caption Contest, starts and ends, with no results coming until late august due to Star king not sending in his judgings. Red Team wins first.
  • Supershroom releases a large detailed tutorial for Last Legacy's designer, covering the hindrances for getting into it, such as explaining how to customize items and how tiling works, and explaining its possibilities in general.

August 2015

  • The third event; a SM63 contest, starts and ends. The results don't come in till late september, with Crystal Clods winning first.
  • Star king dissapears before the Gaming Tournament and Doram is forced to take over completely.
  • Event 4, a Gaming Tournament, is skipped due to Star king going missing and time constraints.
  • The forums go down for 3 days (20th-23rd) due to a problem with the server host, involving the forum database exceeding the host's max storage size, causing even more delays in the Runolympics. Runouw responds quickly, and the whole site is moved to a new host.
  • The fifth event, Cards Against Humanity, starts. Harmless wins for Team Magma, and many representatives were late or didn't show up at all. Luckily, there were back ups.
  • The sixth event, a Last Legacy LDC, starts. Team Dark wins with their level, The Dungeon.
  • The last event, a forum hunt, starts. It involved looking through posts, profiles, and even the wiki for sets of codes. One set of codes allowed access into the Crack That Code forum, it's first use since 2010. The Crystal Clods finish a long time before everyone else and win first.
  • The results for the Gaming Caption Contest finally are posted.

September 2015

  • The mass user pruning process that was started last year in September finally comes to an end, and the userlist is finally free of spambots after almost a year of work. The user count is finally accurate once more. It is agreed that it will be repeated each March. To avoid deleting further accounts from portal users, postcounting is enabled on the LDP forums.
  • The Runolympics SM63 LDC team results are finally posted.
  • After a build up of a month, a heated discussion starts relating to unfair treatment of Supershroom, staff member's powers. Many users are warned, and Supershroom is banned for a month.

October 2015

  • Yurimaster resigns to focus more on life, and Star king is demoted for being unresponsive and destructive in last month's drama. He is repromoted afterwards, along with MoD once again due to a need for someone other than FrozenFire to approve levels, and him being the only one deemed to be currently qualified.
  • The Runolympics final ceremony FINALLY happens, with Team Dark winning overall. OJ and Goldy win MVP awards.
  • The halloween forum is brought up by MP3. The only events are the avatar and storytelling contest due to lack of interest in a halloween LDC last year. FrozenFire wins the Storytelling Mini Contest with a heavy story about a girl who was kidnapped. Nan wins the Avatar Mini Contest with a handmade avatar.
  • PurpleYoshi is permanently ban after the staff came to a concensus that he has not learned his lesson for spamming and disobeying moderators not even a week after his ban. This is the first permaban in almost 2 years.
  • The chat is moved officially to a teamspeak/skype love child called "Discord" and there is surprisingly little drama over it. It is quickly and unanimously loved by everyone.

November 2015

  • Star king was demoted from the Level moderator position for being too busy to do his job.
  • The long awaited 30th SM63 LDC starts, with ~MP3 Amplifier~ as the host, and Finale/The Ultimate Battle as the theme. Everyone gleefully dives in.
  • Chau introduces a bot to the Discord channel, and spends a lot of time improving Chaubot's abilities over the course of the month. He opens a thread for further discussion of what we want the little thing to do, and many users enjoy suggesting changes, and then playing with the results in chat.

December 2015

  • The tenth Runouw Votes starts, hosted by OJ, and moves along quickly after much staff discussion on how to work the event better. The post is also heavily decorated with a number of the new BBCodes, as more users find themselves enjoying the creative freedom that provides.
  • The final full results for the Runolympics SM63 LDC arrive, and we hold the Awards Ceremony.
  • The winter forums open up, and these prove to be a quiet affair this year, with no contests. Arturia starts a thread for making more winter themes for the forum, further cementing Stylish as a popular tool for those interested in re-skinning the site. Doram posts an apologizes for the plain look, citing difficulties over getting to top-level resources like the FTP after the site host move in August.


January 2016

  • The 10th Runouw Votes closes, with surprisingly large attendance. User appreciation for the Runolympics sways a good number of categories, both for staff and for new users.
  • The 4th LL LDC comes along, and while there is a lot of talk about improved tutorials and other reference material being around, there is still a rather small turnout. That didn't stop those that DID enter from creating some real masterpieces, and Karyete takes away the big prize with a truly impressive level.

February 2016

  • After much discussion over Supershroom's aggressive campaigning for a staff position, Shroom is made a Site Representative on probation to see if he can work well with the rest of the staff.

March 2016

  • Raiyuuni is made a Level Moderator to help balance out the workload as the other Lemods have their personal lives get busier.
  • Staff decide to take things easy after the last LDC, and thus the √25th 25quared Contest is born. Decently attended, Vesoralla takes away the grand prize.
  • Supershroom is quietly made a Level Moderator on the LL Forums.

April 2016

  • Strife amongst the staff distracts from any attempts at planning events for the year, and in a last second decision, the April Fools event - F23/FoA "leaked" - is slapped together, and thoroughly fails to impress. Furthermore, how it is handled causes even MORE friction between staff members as Supershroom tries to take a leading role, and simply manages to anger everyone else.
  • In light of all the fighting surrounding the April Fools event, Shroom is demoted back to regular user.
  • Shroom, bitter about the demotion, yet raising issues about the staff that could not be denied, campaigns against Raz as Moderator, amongst other staff. Many long time veterans of the site begin leaving because of the poisonous atmosphere.

May 2016

  • Meanwhile the staff, trying to deal with the issues that Supershroom raised that WERE real, debate and argue, and tear themselves apart. Half the staff not only resigns as staff, but leaves the site entirely. nin10mode, brando, and MK step down, Yuri and Karyete are made Site Representatives, and Ven reluctantly takes a promotion to Moderator. Shroom is also given a 3 month ban, as the remaining staff is unsure if Shroom's actions deserve a permaban.
  • The 31st SM63 LDC begins with a generous deadline of 2 months, in the hopes of improving attendance.

June/July 2016

  • The LDC grinds on, as an exception to Supershroom's ban is made so that he can enter the LDC. Minor issues bubble up as his presence keeps the site on edge, but he seems relatively well behaved from here. Meanwhile, reports come back from people who know Shroom on other sites, from LL to SMBX, saying that he is actually complaining about Runouw staff to other sites.
  • With the threat of continued poison on the horizon, more veterans leave the site, as well as Raz, FF, and OJ stepping down, and a splinter Discord chat is started for all the people who have left this site.

August 2016

  • As all the evidence is discussed by the staff, and then a final round of attempts are made by staff to reason with Supershroom, it is decided that he is just too toxic and unwilling to relent on attacking other users, and Shroom is finally permabanned.
  • Doram finally gets FTP access back, and begins looking at a bunch of sidelined projects.

September 2016

  • After a depressing summer with all the drama, and practically no activity on the forums, Shroom's permaban seems to erase the miasma, and a number of the remaining users comment that the site feels like its old self again. Activity picks up again, including a new forum RPG.
  • An LL update is hinted at on chat for several days, but nobody delivers. Thousands of hearts are broken worldwide.

October 2016

  • In response to FF/l.m seriously poking into some of Doram's BBCode to see what can be broken, Doram sweeps through the code fixing things, and as a result of his work (and some serious study of modern web design practices), he begins an event of a kind in the FOA where powerful BBCodes are implemented giving users unprecedented control over the display of the site, though they are limited to only work in the FOA.


Early 2017

  • Forums: Site outages get progressively worse and worse as Doram struggles to keep it working. The database sometimes crashes as often as multiple times a day at times. Attempts are made with Runouw to determine the cause and what can be done, but no progress is made. With the forums on the blink, attention on the Discord grows significantly.

February 2017

  • RP Server: Activity reaches a fever pitch as what comes to be known as the Home plotline brings a bunch of stuff together and explodes with activity. A RP Hub is created here on the wiki to house the growing pile of lore.

May 2017

  • Forums: With the ever more frequent site outages, a Discord banner is put on the main page, as well as Doram finally managing to re-code the General Error Pages to point to the main page, and changing the main page to NOT go down with the database, and also show through a badge in the upper-right corner whether the database is currently down or not.

July 2017

  • RP Server: The Home plotline is brought to an end as people get busy, and the plot builds to what seems like an insurmountable final offense. It's decided to assume all went well, and reboot Home, which becomes School Daze, with pretty much all the same people being themselves, only we're all in college together now.
  • RP Server: Several new roleplays/games are started, including Danmark's Chrome Blaze, Lord N's Starfall, Fall's Time Rifter (run for a bit by Emperor M), and others.

August 2017

  • Discord Main: On August 22, the Discord server hit 100 members.
  • Forums: A much awaited rewrite of the Level Portal Rules thread is posted.

December 2017

  • Discord Main: Frustrated with forum downtime issues, especially as an ISP issue removes Doram's ability to bring the forum back up, Project Easter is started on the Discord, in order to discuss what should be done if the site goes down forever.
  • Discord Main: Jhynjhiruu starts a GitHub for a framework for modding/hacking SM63, mostly by inserting code into signs or the level title. The project receives mild approval from Runouw. Doram assists with web design, making a web interface to assemble the scripts for insertion into a level.


January 2018

  • Discord Main: Discussion in Project Easter comes to a head as the site is down for almost a week.
  • Forums: Runouw (Robert, our only contact, for the most part) finally delivers some answers on why the site is going down, and the short of it is that it's mostly unfixable without moving to an expensive paid host. Panicked discussion about fundraising are hampered by Runouw not responding for a while.

February 2018

  • PixelLoaf Main: Things come to a head over site outages, and the community officially decides to split from the forums, and become a Discord-only entity, along with picking a new name - PixelLoaf
  • Project Novae: Along with the PixelLoaf split, a new Discord server is started, lead by Yuri, to provide a place for PixelLoaf's first game - Project Novae. This brings the total number of directly PixelLoaf related Discord servers to 7: Main, RP, Astra, Games, D&D, Mario Party - Harmless Edition, and now Project Novae.

It's probably not as spit shined as it could be, and maybe events are missing or in the wrong month. I didn't organize by date but I tried to get them in sequential order although I doubt it matters. Feel free to make suggestions, add other timeline pieces for consideration, and all that shiz. I'm glad I made this. :D



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