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From top left, clockwise: Sea of Fire by Volkove (2nd place, 15.75/20), Melty Magma Lair by Megar (4th place, 14.19/20), Volcano of Irony by Karyete and ~MP3 Amplifier~ (6th place, 13.94/20), Infernal Tower by KABOOM (3rd place, 14.31/20), Asphodel Temple by Asterocrat (5th place, 14.13/20).
Winner (centre): Underwhere by -BY (15.94/20).

LDC DetailsEdit

Final Levels by ScoreEdit

Place Score Level Designer(s)
1st 15.94 Underwhere -BY (Blackyoshi)
2nd 15.88 Sea of Fire Volkove
3rd 14.31 Infernal Tower (miniseries) KABOOM
4th 14.19 Melty Magma Lair Megar
5th 14.13 Asphodel Temple Asterocrat
6th 13.94 Volcano of Irony (miniseries) ~MP3 Amplifier~ R L and Karyete
7th 13.31 Blazewood DarkBlaze (Vesoralla)
8th 13.13 Ruby Dungeon 1018peter
9th 13.06 The Sweltering Badlands of the Ardent Gem Triple J
10th 12.75 Frying Pan Land Genowhirl910
11th 11.19 Meteor Ravine WindMasterArceus
12th 10.83 Bowser's Castle (miniseries) Timi
13th 10.75 Fireburner Volcano Dtroid
14th 10.69 The Ancient Lava Sprite Gabriel Lim
15th 10 The Underground Fire Factory ningning63
16th 7.81 The Lost Civilization of the Volcano koolkid
17th 6.88 Hardest Level Ever KururuSocho10
18th 5.75 The Deadly Volcano Creeper46


  • This was probably the LDC plagued with most issues, stress and embarassing flaws. It all started with Nwolf speaking lightly over MP3's/Karyete's entrant, and sparking some arguments with this. Later, MoD and MP3 pranked Nwolf by checking through his PM's and leaking the results, and stole his announcement. As a reaction to this, Nwolf delayed posting the table and did not post his full judgings.
  • More heated arguments cave from some of the judgings being very problematic and badly written, and biased in the way of e.g. heavily punishing Sk's entrant "Asphodel Temple" just for being a puzzle level. What should be repeated in the 27th and 29th LDC, already began here: When someone said "I don't want this to end in a flame war", it really got into its stride.
  • The scores in the Top 6 are one of the lowest at all in history, mostly due to Arceus' rather low judging in general. Also he made his judgings handwrittenly and lost most of them, and he only could post two reviews.
  • As if this wasn't enough, the results also had to be recalculated again, dissolving the tie between MP3/Kary and Star king and knocking Vesoralla off his placing position, ironically after Veso got a placement from recalculation in the 18th LDC.
  • Blackyoshi won with the smallest winning entrant in the history of regular LDC's, being 4500 tiles large, and Mega got the smallest placing entry, with the default size (1500 tiles).
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