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From top left, clockwise: Hidden Oasis by Krazy321 (2nd place, 16/20), The Two Oases by Aznchau4ever (3rd place, 15/20), Desert Oasis by 24murph (2nd place, 16/20), Caged Oasis by MICrophone (2nd place, 16/20), Secret Within The Desert Sands by Volkove (2nd place, 16/20), Dry Dry Desert by Trogdor (3rd place, 15/20).
Winner (centre): Arid, Arid Desert by fourinone. (17/20)

LDC DetailsEdit

  • Number: 3rd LDC
  • Name: Desert Oasis
  • Thread Link: Here
  • Vault Link: None (before we started using vaults)
  • Awards Post: Here
  • Run by: Superyoshi (Suyo)
  • Number of Entrants: 21 (19 Scored, 2 Disqualified)
  • Number of Pages of Posts: 13
  • Contest Started: August 28, 2009
  • Final Deadline: September 13, 2009 (16 Days)
  • Awards Posted: November 8, 2009 (56 Days)
  • Judges:
    1. brandobrawl
    2. 3.14
    3. fourinone
    4. Volcove

Final Levels by ScoreEdit

Again, the score list was stored off-site, and is now lost to the mists of time. All we have left of the scores is from the awards post:

Place Score Level Designer(s)
1st 17/20 Arid Arid Desert fourinone
2nd (tie) 16/20 Hidden Oasis Krazy321
2nd (tie) 16/20 The Caged Oasis marioiscool254 (MICrophone)
2nd (tie) 16/20 Desert Oasis 24murph
2nd (tie) 16/20 Secret Within the Desert Sands (2 parts) Volcove
3rd (tie) 15/20 The Two Oases aznchau4ever
3rd (tie) 15/20 Dry Dry Desert Trogdor

Also entered:

Level Designer(s)
Oasis of Fire Jac1
The Dried Oasis gogiants
The Mirage Oasis barn5314 (barnecade)
The Dry, Dry, Desert Eliwood 1
desert halusnation bowsersbane
The Final Encounter Pt. 8 Nero the DemonSlayer
Dry Dry Oasis zebtrestalala
TheOasis NYManiac
Choose Your own Adventure MessengerOfYaweh (MessengerOfDreams)
The oasis of chalenges MarioMixMan (TheMMM)
The Oasis Desert Mario Guy
SY's Desert Oasis 3.14

Posted after the deadline (Disqualified):

Level Designer(s)
The Lost City TheUnown7
The Oasis Zunar


  • This is the first contest where posts were properly placed in the contest thread by the entrants.
  • It is revealed in this post that, at the time, the only people allowed to host an LDC were Niklaw (Demonik), Superyoshi (Suyo), and Runouw R L.
  • This contest also started the age-old tradition of complaining about how long judging was taking... for at least 3 pages...
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