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From top left, clockwise: Not Tubular by Kirby859 (6th place, 15.75/20), The Untold Story by SuperMIC (2nd place, 17.63/20), Big Boo's Rainbow Road by Nwolf (4th place, 16.81/20), Super Mario Adventure: The Mirror Island by ~MP3 Amplifier~ and Asterocrat (3rd place, 17.38/20), Yoshi Mania by -BY (5th place, 16.18/20).
Winner (centre): Shyguy's Island by Buff_ (17.69/20).

LDC DetailsEdit

  • Number: 20th LDC
  • Name: All Things Mario
  • Thread link:: here
  • Vault Link: here
  • Awards post: here
  • Run by: ~Mario~ (Doram W R L) - awards also by him
  • Number of Entrants: 27
  • Number of Pages of Posts: 38
  • Contest Started: May 22nd, 2012
  • Final Overall Deadline: July 12th, 2012 (51 days)
  • Awards Posted: August 22nd, 2012 (41 days from overall deadline)
  • Judges:
    1. MessengerOfDreams R - judging as Wario and Luigi - judging post
    2. ~MP3 Amplifier~ R L - judging as Luigi - judging post
    3. Yoshi Boo 118 - judging as Yoshi - judging post
    4. Nwolf - judging as Mario and judging SMA for Wario - judging post
    5. Doram W R L - judging as Mario - judging post
    6. Suyo - judging as Wario - didn't post judgings (unfortunate)
    7. -BY (Blackyoshi) - judging as Wario, backup for BrawlerEX and Pedalpowerluigi - judging post
    8. Raiyuuni R (LordFalcon) - judging as Mario, backup for MP3/Asterocrat - judging post

Final Levels by ScoreEdit

Place Score Level Designer
1st 17.69 Shyguy Island Buff_ (Buffooner)
2nd 17.63 Timpani and Blumiere: The Untold Story (miniseries) SuperMIC
3rd 17.38 SMA: The Mirror Island (miniseries) ~MP3 Amplifier~ R L and Asterocrat
4th 16.81 Big Boo's Rainbow Road Nwolf
5th 16.18 Yoshi Mania (miniseries) -BY (Blackyoshi)
6th 15.75 Not Tubular Kirby859
7th 15.25 Madness Garden Galaxy lordpat
8th 14.7 Nostalgia World (miniseries) Harmless
9th 14.44 Grey Garden Station Vesoralla (DarkBlaze)
10th 13.94 Inscious Memoriam (miniseries) BrawlerEX
11th 13.138 Winter Land CrazyMario
12th 13.06 Mario's Trip To Runouw (miniseries) Bomberman101
13th 13 Silver Star Galaxy Canine
13th 13 Snow Cabin ZealousMark
14th 12.65 Super Mario Bros. and the Mystery Power (miniseries) Luinikex
15th 12.19 Coast Travels GMDragon11
16th 11.19 Bowser's Lava Lake MushYoshi
17th 10.88 Super Mario Master Quest Cordelia (Dage the Good)
18th 10.41 Whomp's Fortress cedrico2k
19th 10.31 Flying amongst Mario 3! WindMasterArceus (Arceus79)
20th 9.88 Bowser's Castle Yoshi999 (~Yoshi~)
21st 9.75 bowsers castle blazeron1
22nd 9.31 The Lost Level of Super Mario 63 Pedalpowerluigi
23rd 9.13 Mario Generations (miniseries) Kirbologist (themagikoopaguy)
24th 8.63 Perpetual Testing Initiative Discord
25th 5.88 Bowser's Giant Castle of Fire spikebot8
26th 4.98 Super Mario Bros. Final (miniseries) cedrico2k's brother


  • An LDC for history - the records tumbled serially, even without the legends MoD and Volkove. Highest second place, highest third place, highest fourth place, all beating many winners of others LDC, and probably most importantly, the biggest crew of competitors with 27 in total (due to no disqualifications).
  • As the jubilee LDC, it was celebrated with everything being focused around Mario and his universe. Therefore the theme (make a level with references to Mario games, by landscape / atmosphere, or create your own Mario adventure), and the host / judges also being Mario and his crew, all with their very own linguistic peculiarities. And, as stated above, this jubilee LDC was an incredible success.
  • To make it even more awesome, we had all kind of funny, ironic and beautiful stories for LDC's you can imagine. Buffooner beating out two large and ambitious level series with the best acclaimed pure platformer in history, Nwolf getting 4th AGAIN (and being outspokenly unamused about it), and the rising star -BY placing in his first contest, and Kirby859 snagging a very surprising 6th place ribbon.
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